Maria Menounos On Wendy Williams

"Extra" co-host, Maria Menounos visited "The Wendy Williams Show" today to talk long term dating, saving her father's life, reporting negative news and why breaking bones was a career highlight for her.

Having been with her boyfriend for almost 16 years, Maria opened up about their reasons for not tying the knot. "When we wanted to get married, we couldn't. And you'll see that on the show. You'll understand why we didn't. It was a very tough courtship because of some really hard obstacles. And we talked about it on the show and you'll see why it was kind of a really sad time. So then when we moved to LA and careers got busy, and we got all of that kind of thrown at us. Well then we got busy. And then time went by and time went by and now we're like, uh, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's kind of working the way it is." She added, "We work together on everything. But I feel like if we were married, some of those tough times, you would've been like 'I'm stuck, I'm married now'. But we weren't. So it's kind of a weird thing."

In her new reality show, "Chasing Maria" that leads into Wendy's new show "Celebrities Undercover" Tuesday nights on Oxygen from 10pm, it's revealed that Maria's parents live with her, her partner of 15 years and his best friend. Maria explained her closeness with her parents, "My dad is type one diabetic. I've almost lost him a million times. And so having had to revive him physically myself so many times and almost losing him, I want him next to me as much as I humanly can."

Speaking about the celebrities whose negative press she tires of reporting, Maria said, "I think when they start to get into a lot of trouble and it's constantly negative, I think that's when it gets bad. Like I remember for a long time, obviously, it was Lindsay Lohan. You know, now we have Justin Bieber. So it's kind of hard every day to have to report bad things, that's not fun."

Maria acknowledged that competing on Dancing With The Stars was one of the highlights of her career and threw her support behind former dance partner Derek Hough for the new season. "I wish I could go back. Yes, I loved it. It was the most amazing experience of my life. As broken and as in pain as I was, it was the greatest thing I ever did. And, as in pain as I was, if they had said to me, can you stay and do this for the rest of your life, I would've been like, 'done. How many more bones do I have to break?' It was so awesome."