Krysten Ritter On Wendy Williams

Starring in the big screen adaptation of "Veronica Mars," Krysten Ritter stopped by The Wendy Williams Show today to discuss men, drugs, being discovered at 15, and spoilers for the long awaited film adaptation of the cult favorite TV series.

Revealing little about the plot of the "Veronica Mars" movie, Krysten said, "I can't give anything away. I think the fact that I'm in the movie, I'm doing press for it, is probably a spoiler, in and of itself, right? Cause I have a small part in the show. And here I am. I have a big part in the movie. So that's a bit of a spoiler for everybody."

The single Krysten revealed she's into a specific type of guy. "I love me some men. Yeah. I like long hair. A bit of a beard. A good body. I've dated a lot of short guys, it's not cool. Well, they say once you're horizontal it doesn't matter. But. I'm in trouble by the way, I'm in trouble after this," she finished with a grin.

Before starring in "Don't Trust The B in Apartment 23" or "Breaking Bad," where she "learned how to cook heroin, all day," Krysten revealed she caught her big break at the age of 15 while growing up in a small Pennsylvania town. "I was such a loser. I'm wearing men's jeans. Thank God they saw beyond that. Because I was wearing a chapstick necklace. Do you remember those? And then I was wearing like a tie dye Guns 'n' Roses shirt. And they were like, are you interested in being a model. My mother and I looked at each other like, 'what, no way'?!" This prompted her move to Hollywood, of which she said, "It was then that I was introduced to a lot of cool stuff and I met a lot of weirdos and then I was like, there's so much other stuff to do."