Khloe Kardashian

Just last year, it was alleged that the Kardashian sisters were keeping tabs on their men with the help of the Cheaters TV Spy Shop. Khloe Kardashian is such a big fan of the TV show Cheaters, that she even had the host of the show on the radio program that she hosted when she and Lamar Odom lived in Dallas.

Now it is alleged, that Khloe caught Lamar cheating with the help of a product that she bought through the Cheaters TV spy shop - that product is called Mspy and you can get it at

Mspy is an app that you put on a cell phone and it can tell you every phone call, text, and email made from that phone, as well as a GPS locator which lets the user know exactly where the phone is being used from at all times. Mspy has become the app of choice for celebrities who want to know if their lover is cheating on them. What a great device, that's why they call it mspy for mobile spy. Now you can own the same app that Khloe allegedly busted Lamar with, so beware all of you wannabe cheaters out there, Mspy can foil all your nefarious plans. Check out their website. You can also use it to see what your teenagers are up to! 


Anonymous said…
so that's how the kardashians catch their cheating men. Sounds so sneaky and so kardashian. I gotta get that mspy app for my wife's phone.