Mekhi Phifer On Wendy Williams

Mekhi Phifer, starring in the new film "Divergent," visited "The Wendy Williams Show" today to talk about Kanye, his best friends in Hollywood and his son's response to his latest role.

Responding to being incorrectly referenced in one of Kanye West's song lyrics, Mekhi said, "We're not besties or anything like that. I mean he's a cool cat, but we've never hung out." He spelled out the line, adding, "'I was In Too Deep like Mekhi Phife'. Yeah, but I wasn't in that movie. [It was] LL Cool J and Omar Epps and those guys. So you know, the thing is, I got love for, yeah, you know what I'm saying. He's very talented. But I mean, he's in the studio. All you gotta do is google a brother. IMDB's a good tool. You know what I'm saying? Somebody should've told him."

Counting Kevin Hart among his inner circle of friends, Mekhi revealed how he met another close friend of his, Judge Mathis, who officiated his big second wedding. "That's my man. I got love for the judge. He's a good guy. Yeah, we hang out. The judge is a real cool cat. I met him on the plane. I think I was going to Detroit at the time, or coming from Detroit, either one. My assistant knew that I always tivoed the judge and so she said, you know the Judge is sitting right there. And I said oh stop it. So we wound up talking and linking up. This was about ten years ago. And then we've been friends ever since. So we hang out, we do things, you know, we go to the ball games, things like that."

Mekhi said that his latest role in the post-apocalyptic film trilogy is the first project his 14 year old son has taken any interest in from his onscreen career. "Buzz is all around the school. I'm taking him with me to the premieres. This is the first thing, you know, thank you. I'm just doing my daddy duties. You know. But this is the first thing he's ever even been remotely excited about me doing, out of all of the things that I've done. He doesn't care. But this is like 'ok, I'm coming with you dad.'"