Anita Hill With Katie Couric

On Monday’s episode of the nationally syndicated daytime talk show "Katie,", Anita Hill speaks to Katie about a new documentary on her life, “Anita Hill: Speaking Truth To Power,” which chronicles her experience appearing before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991. The hearings galvanized and divided the country and brought the conversation about sexual harassment in the workplace out of the shadows and into the forefront. Hear what she has to say about this experience and what her life is like now. In the attached clip she clarifies the misconception about how she came forward to testify about Clarence Thomas.

Photo Courtesy Of: ABC/Disney


Anonymous said…
I watched those hearings as they were happening and was especially interested in Judge Thomas' wife's reaction . She was so sad and shed many tears until Ms. Hill told the name the Judge called his penis. It was almost like she gasped and never shed another tear. I always believed Ms. Hill but to me that proved that his wife had heard that before.
James Edstrom said…
Great memory!