Jesse Ventura Off The Grid

Today is The Day We Fight Back, an organized online protest aiming to put a stop to mass surveillance, and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura is at the helm, in full support of this movement.

“Benjamin Franklin once said those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety,” stated Jesse Ventura. “I hope to raise awareness of how dangerous the NSA has become, and I will be joined online with people around the world who feel the same way.”

Jesse Ventura is the host of the new online show “Off The Grid” on Tomorrow, he will be dedicating his daily episode to this movement.

“In a democracy, the people are the bosses. Well, it’s time the bosses start acting like we’re in charge,” said Ventura in his weekly blog.

In January 2012, the SOPA and PIPA censorship legislation was defeated with the largest internet protest in history. Major websites like Google, Reddit, and Wikipedia went dark for a day to draw widespread attention.

Over 53 percent of Americans disapprove of the NSA. Tomorrow, more than 4,500 websites including Reddit and Tumblr will be posting embeddable banners to urge visitors to call or email their members of congress.

“We the People have fought many non-violent revolutions in this country,” said Jesse Ventura. “Women’s suffrage, civil rights, child-labor laws, fair wages—we fought for these rights in grassroots movements and won against all odds.”

Jesse Ventura feels there is power in numbers. He hopes Americans will put new meaning to the expression “the phones will be ringing off the hook.”

For more information about The Day We Fight Back, visit HERE