EJ Johnson On Wendy Williams

The fashion forward son of basketball legend Magic Johnson and star of E!'s "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills", EJ Johnson, yesterday told Wendy Williams he's too busy focused on his education in hospitality at NYU and career on TV right now and doesn't have time for a boyfriend.

"I'm focusing on school and career right now. I'm just trying to keep focused on those two things. And then, you know, whatever happens happens. I feel like in this city, you never know who you're going to run into or who you're going to meet, so I keep my options open." Speaking about New York's dating scene in particular, he added, "I feel like there's a lot of men all the time, but I just personally don't have the time."

Speaking of his obsession with Lupita Ngong'o's red carpet fashions, the six foot two EJ also talked about his love of handbags, "I'm all about accessories. Bold shoes. Bold handbags. I'm all about making the big statement pieces. Between handbags, jewellery and shoes, that's where the bold pieces come from."


Since being catapulted into the spotlight, EJ said the attention has impacted his life, but mostly in a positive way. "My life has certainly changed a lot. I mean like, I just, walking down the street and getting recognized is something that is completely new to me. It never happened before, you know I was very much living in own world, very private, you know, unless I was with my father. But you know, now, between the paparazzi and the fans and just people who wish me well as I walk down the street...it's very heartwarming."

He revealed he was already comfortable in his own skin when he sat his parents down at home to break the news to them that he was gay. "I came out when I was about 17. I'm 21 now. So I think that, it was a good time because I was already comfortable with myself. I had already come out to myself and my friends. And so, at that point, it just seemed that it was time to tell them."