Tahj Mowry On Wendy Williams

Tahj Mowry, sibling to twin sisters Tia and Tamera, and starring in the hit ABC Family comedy "Baby Daddy," stopped by "The Wendy Williams Show" yesterday to clear up the slurs recently leveled at one of his famous sisters, the benefits of being an uncle and his football prowess.

Responding to some of the racist backlash his sister, Tamera, received for marrying Fox News reporter Adam Housely, Tahj said, "I deal with that all the time too. If I post a picture with all white friends around me, I don't have any black friends or... Someone told me the other day, 'embrace your black side', I was like 'you don't know me, what are you talking about?'" He added, "When people ask me what I am, I say I'm black. So for someone to tell me to embrace my black side...I just don't understand it."

While he doesn't want kids of his own anytime soon, Tahj enjoys being around his famous sisters' offspring. "Unclehood is great. I always say it's the best form of birth control, because if they poop or pee I can hand them right back to Tia or Tamera. But I love being an uncle, I love it."

With the Super Bowl looming large, Tahj revealed he was a serious footballer at one time and is rooting for the Denver Broncos. "All I need is a bar to watch the Superbowl and I'm good...I played in high school. I was like 40 pounds heavier of muscle. I ended getting a D1 football scholarship to Savannah State. I played for a year and I was like, you know what, I miss acting, so I'm gonna do that. I wanta keep my knees."