Story By: G. H. Harding

Jared Leto

Award Season Off And Running --- With several critics associations already announcing their favorites movies of 2013; the BAFTA awards being announced, the People’s Choice Awards on CBS airing, and the Golden Globes airing this weekend; the so-called awards season in Hollywood is off and running.

The critic’s choices are most always interesting as they predict remarkably well what will be the big choices for the Academy Awards (on March 2); which, by the way, the final documents from Academy members are due last night.

The choices so far are the usual suspects including, Christian Bale, Leo DiCaprio, Jonah Hall, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, Matthew McConaughey, and, Jared Leto … and, are all justified. Just brilliant work from all of them.

For me, Bale just knocked it out of the park this year and the movie he was in, American Hustle, is the best thing I’ve seen onscreen in years. Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club just memorized me onscreen – win or lose, it was an amazing performance. And, for the record, Andrew Dice Clay, of all people, was terrific in Blue Jasmine. And, while we're naming names; Robert DeNiro's cameo in Hustle was pretty awesome too.

All this so-called controversy about The Wolf Of Wall Street is interesting too, but, to me it reeks of a well-planned and well-paid PR-campaign. Nothing better than to have everyone talking about your movie … good or bad. It worked for Miley Cyrus … right?

Deadline Hollywood posited the other day that you never really walk out of a Marty Scorsese movie feeling good; rather, you're agitated and confused, so Marty did his job once again.

I also think Nebraska is one brilliant movie; not so much for the weak plot, but, rather for the performance of Bruce Dern. Really magnificent if you ask me.

I haven’t yet seen Spike Jones’ Her, but from the trailers I’ve seen, it almost reminds me of Sofia Coppola’s Lost In Translation (they were married at the time), which is one of my all-time favorites. So, that can’t be bad thing.

With the Globes launching Sunday, things will really heat up. Should be a great show.

EURYTHMICS BACK --- The Eurythmics, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, will reunite for the CBS/Grammy special The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles.

The program will commemorate the 50th anniversary of one of the most historic moments in music and television. Featuring today's top artists covering songs performed by the Fab Four that momentous evening in 1964 and other Beatles classics through the years, the show also will include footage from that landmark Sunday night, as well as other archival material. In addition, various presenters will help highlight and contextualize the musical, cultural and historical impact of the group and this legendary performance.

Lennox and Stewart first split in 1990 but have reunited to record their 1999 album Peace and in 2005 to record a new track for a Eurythmics hits set.

In 1994, Stewart released a solo album, Greetings from the Gutter. The album was not a commercial success, though he scored a minor U. K. hit with the single "Heart Of Stone" which reached number 36. He then released another album, Sly-Fi, first on the Internet.

In May 2011 it was announced that Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones had formed a new super group called Super Heavy which included Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian Marley, and A.R. Rahman. They released an album, featuring the terrific single “Miracle Worker", and called it quits.

In May 2012 it was announced that Stewart would be playing four UK shows in September 2012 to support the release of his new album The Ringmaster General

Lennox has also released a number of solo albums.

The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles will air on Sunday, February 9 at 8 PM, fifty years to the day after the Beatles' U.S. premier on the Ed Sullivan Show. The show will be taped on Monday, January 27, the day after the Grammy awards, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Also appearing will be Alicia Keys, John Legend, Maroon 5, John Mayer, Keith Urban and more artists to be announced soon.

CLOSING NOTES --- Friday, February 7 at NY’s BB King’s: Mag Dogs & Dominos featuring Lulu. An All-Star Tribute To Delaney & Bonnie, Derek And The Dominos, Joe Cocker, solo George Harrison and, Leon Russell. This could be the first big show-to-see of 2014. Congrats to the club's Peter Abraham for this one … And, if you're already making out your 2014 calendar: Micky Dolenz returns to BB King’s on Wednesday, July 30 … Davidoff of Geneva, at their Time Warner Center location, will be doing a Super Bowl XLVIII kickoff party on Sunday, February 2, with food courtesy of Porter House … Gotham-PR pasha David Salidor will be handling the celebrity-talent booking at The Rich Stevens Show on Miami/Ft. Lauderdale’s WFTL. Congrats …

Right before the holidays, we received the follow-up to Robert Evans’ The Kid Stays In The Picture, called The Fat Lady Sang. Producer, raconteur, studio-head Robert Evans is Hollywood-personified. With names like Mia Farrow; Jack Nicholson; Ali McGraw; Roman Polanski; Wes Craven; Warren Beatty; Billy Jean King; and Jack Kennedy involved … you know you're going to have the ride of your life. We read it once and are reading it again. Entertainment Weekly recently named Kid one of the top 3 Hollywood tell-alls of all time.

Told with Evans’s unmistakable voice and panache, The Fat Lady Sang is full of even more outrageous and unbelievable stories about one of the most turbulent times in Hollywood. Told in the same irresistible and charming style that made The Kid one of the most acclaimed memoirs of our time, the book chronicles Evans’s triumphant recovery from a devastating series of strokes, with the aid of neurologists, physical therapists and old friends. I really, could it put it down …

Rumors are swirling that David Letterman is in negotiations to get Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to perform together on his late night show. According to Roger Friedman at Showbiz411.com, Letterman and CBS are working with the former Beatles' people to make the performance happen. It would be part of a full week celebration of the Fab Four on the show the week of February 3 through 7, all running up to the February 9 50th anniversary of the Beatles' first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show ...

What’s this about disgraced-politico Anthony Weiner getting a talk-radio show? Geeze, this one will last as long as Elliot Spitzer’s (Client 9) talk show. What's he going to talk about? Selfies? What a waste of valuable air-time.