Mark Consuelos On Wendy Williams

The first guest of 2014 to grace Wendy Williams' couch, Mark Consuelos, star of the original Amazon Prime series "Alpha House", told Wendy today that even after 17 years of marriage, his wife Kelly Ripa still plays hard to get and that he doesn't believe in relationship timeouts.

On his wife's co-host and why he didn't want the role, Mark said, "Michael Strahan does such an amazing job. You know, what I really wanted to do was to be married. And I feel like that could cause a lot of, that's a lot of time together and it's a weird, you know, so I think if she's going to have another husband, Michael Strahan is a great other husband. For an hour. Just for an hour."

Discussing the concept of taking a relationship break, he said, "No, you can't take a break. Because the timeline, you have to be very careful of your timeline. If you're going to say we're taking a break, you can't have pictures of you not taking a break." Mark later added of his own relationship, "We went off and got married...but we didn't tell anybody and people ask, 'why didn't you say anything'. And I'm like 'I don't know, we're idiots?', we were scared, we were young. She got pregnant months later...They found out a month after we got married. And then four months later we got pregnant, so there's a good timeline there."

On his first impressions of meeting Kelly on the set of "All My Children", Mark said, "That has to be the first day I walked into those doors to audition for that show. She [Kelly] was there. She met me and I knew I was auditioning with her later on that day and she had curlers in her hair and she said 'run, look at what they do to you, get out of here as soon as you can...It took a long time [for us to start dating], she plays hard to get. She still won't call me first. Seventeen years. I have to call her now."

"Well we only have three kids but that's not for lack of trying." He joked, when asked about his favorite way to burn calories.