Megan Good On Wendy Williams

The newest recruit in "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues", Megan Good stopped by "The Wendy Williams Show" today to talk about working with Will Ferrell, the uproar over Kanye's controversial Yeezus tour, and the backlash to her red carpet style.

Megan revealed one of Ferrell's former co-stars in The Campaign, Katherine LaNasa, helped her score the Anchorman role, saying "She was like, if you get the call just go balls to the wall. I was like, OK. And then I got the call. And so I went down to Atlanta. I did the chemistry read. I went balls to the wall. I took my shoes off and I threw my shoes at him in the audition. And like, threw him up against the wall. And punched him in the stomach - by accident. But he's like, the more abusive you are, the more he's like, 'yes, that was awesome'".

She revealed that Will Ferrell doesn't stay in character as Ron Burgundy between takes. "You would be very surprised. He is the kindest, gentlest... like, he's very quiet and meek. In between scenes - we had a little spicy scene together - he's like 'are you OK', I was like I'm OK, he's like 'OK. Are you sure you're OK?' And I was like I swear I'm OK, he's like 'OK. Are you OK?"

As the wife of a real life preacher, Megan weighed in on Kanye's use of religious iconography in his controversial Yeezus tour. "He's made it very clear that, he said in public that he's a Christian and that he wants to raise his child Christian. I think that even Yeezus has brought up a lot of conversation about Jesus. Moreso than I feel like there has been in the public. And so I think that people have to give him a little space. He's a new father. He's not perfect. He's a human being. But he said this is what he believes, so let's let him and God, you know, work that out. He's gonna be great. He's our brother, you know, we gotta love on him."

Meanwhile, Megan noted some of the most vocal critics of her red carpet style should be a little more forgiving. "Unfortunately a lot of the backlash has come from the Christian community. But there is no me and them, there's only us. You know we're all a part of the same community. And then at the end of the day I think, for me, I grew up in this business since I was a little girl. I've been walking the red carpet since I was thirteen. What I may view as appropriate or OK, somebody else may feel differently. And I think that's OK."