Patti Stanger On Wendy Williams

Patti Stanger sat down with Wendy Williams today to talk about why she may remain single like Oprah, how her mother's death affected her, and why she has new sidekicks on the seventh season of Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker.

Demonstrating the promise ring worn on her engagement finger, Patti explained why she's waiting to walk down the aisle: "I was going to get married. It was this whole thing. My mom died this year, which you know. And I went through this terrible period where I just was happy with what I had. I don't know what's going to happen." She added, "Not everybody wants to get married. I might be in the Oprah school. I'm not sure yet."

Dealing with the loss of her mother earlier in the year, Patti explained why she had never lived with a man before, saying, "My mother was always like, 'you can't live with anyone, you can't'. She brainwashed me!" Adding, "I always felt like something would go wrong. But now I'm living with him and I am loving it, loving it, loving it."

On her former married matchmakers, Destin and Rachel, Patti said, "So what happened was, you get a little bit of fame and you say you want to build your own brand and I'm really grateful they were with me for eight years." She added, "They need to go do their own thing. It's OK. It's not a Rachel and Brad situation, where they were a little bitter with each other."