Thursday, December 19, 2013


Jill And Bobby Zarin

Original Housewives of New York former cast member, Jill Zarin and her husband Bobby, welcome their new Upper East Side neighbors, Suttons & Robertsons, a UK based collateral loan company to NYC. Together, Jill & Bobby Zarin and Suttons & Robertsons are teaming up to do some good to help the disaster victims of Typhoon Haiyan. The famed NY duo’s collection of 30 rare pieces of artwork by Al Hirschfeld will be sold off for Typhoon Haiyan Relief benefiting The American Red Cross. The Zarins will donate the profits from the sale of their artwork and Suttons & Robertsons will contribute an additional amount that together will be donated to The America Red Cross. Through the entitled “Hirschfelds for Haiyan” program the Zarin’s 30-piece collection will be sold in-store at Suttons & Robertsons starting January 6, 2014, when the NYC Suttons & Robertsons’ flagship store opens.

When asked about the “Hirschfelds for Haiyan” project, Jill said: “Bobby and I are thrilled to be able to contribute a portion of our personal art collection to do something for people in such dire need.” She added, “My mother taught me, and I have passed it onto my daughter Allyson, that ‘to those much is given, much is expected.’ I only hope that these portraits are cherished and enjoyed by their new owners as much as we enjoyed having them in our homes. They are reminders of our favorite TV shows, movies, Broadway shows and comedians that have given our family and friends hours of enjoyment.”

Opening January 6, 2014, Suttons & Robertsons’ newest store at 875 Third Avenue (at 52nd Street) represents the 240-year-old lender’s first expansion outside of Europe. The breathtaking and luxurious 2,500-square-foot New York space will be home to the corporation’s US headquarters and include retail space and private collateralized lending facilities.

At a time when banks and other forms of traditional lending have become more difficult to access, asset-rich New Yorkers will now have a place to temporarily trade their precious possessions for cash. Collateralized lending is actually one of the oldest forms of banking in the world. The customer simply presents an item of value to an experienced appraiser and will then be offered a loan based on a percentage of the asset’s fair market value. The customer may redeem the item, normally within six months or less, once principal and interest are repaid. While valuable items are in Suttons & Robertsons’ possession, the company holds them in a state-of-the-art secure vault.

There is essentially no form of lending as hassle-free, discreet, and efficient as collateralized lending. There is no lengthy application process and, best of all, cherished possessions are only temporarily out of their owner’s hands.

In addition to offering loans upwards of $1 million, the New York store will buy and sell gold, diamonds, fine estate jewelry, watches, artwork and antiques. Some of the fascinating and exceptional items valued and held as pledges over the years by Suttons & Robertsons have included: a 19th Century Russian side cabinet that once belonged to Tsar Nicholas II; artwork by Salvador Dali and Damien Hirst; a first edition X-Men comic; rare pink, green, and blue diamonds; and a myriad of rare timepieces.

Since 1770, Suttons & Robertsons has built an eminent reputation as one of the most discreet and discerning collateral loan companies for high-value assets ranging from Rolex watches and diamonds to artwork by Picasso. Chairman and CEO Jeff Weiss explains, “We are thrilled to bring a legacy of valuation expertise and world-class service to New York and continue our global expansion of this extraordinary brand. At a time when many individuals are facing short-term cash needs, Suttons & Robertsons will present a confidential and highly efficient lending option.” 

 Photo Courtesy Of: Andrew Werner/What You Say

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