Life After The Hills In Us Weekly

The cover of the new Us Weekly is all about “LIFE AFTER THE HILLS”. More than three years after the iconic MTV reality show ended, three of its female stars – Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, and Heidi Montag – are in very different places. Lauren has been seen showing off her 2-carat ring and says a pal, “Lauren wants a big wedding!” Kristen is enjoying low-key married life and is expecting baby no. 2, while Heidi Montag has changed her body yet again. After two breast augmentations she has removed her size-F implants. “I didn’t realize what I was signing up for: It took me a year to recover,” she says. “I was too impulsive.” Spencer’s been taking care of her though. “He’s the best! He’s been taking care of the dogs and me,” she tells Us. “Starting over has been hard, but it’s made me and Spencer way closer. We’re the best we’ve ever been.”

Justin Bieber had a wild night in Brazil when he got caught out at a Brazilian brothel. Inside Centaurus – Rio de Janeiro’s most popular brothel – Bieber tried to stay under the radar. 45 potential dates were presented to Bieber before he and his crew decided to enjoy the company of two women with an overnight price tag of $1,200 each. Though they tried to bring the girls back to their Copacabana hotel, the escorts were turned away as “the hotel has a no-tolerance attitude towards escorts” and they brought back “two of the area’s most well-known prostitutes.”

Also in this week’s issue, Us Weekly’s Hot Stuff exclusively revealed that Gaga is going galactic. She’ll be the first artist to sing in outer space on the Virgin Galactic ship during the Zero G Colony tech festival. “She has to do a month of vocal training because of the atmosphere,” says a source who adds that the diva’s glam squad will join her in the shuttle. And just in case the force isn’t with the star the source adds, “Gaga has taken out a ridiculous life insurance policy!”