Seth Green On Wendy Williams

When rapper DMX was arrested at South Carolina airport late last night, enroute to "The Wendy Williams Show", Wendy called on a friend to the show to step into the breach. "Family Guy" and "Robot Chicken" star, Seth Green, came to the rescue and stopped by to talk about how growing up in Hollywood has changed with social media, how he has weathered critical reviews of his new show and the pressures heaped on young married couples.

Referring to a incident this week allegedly involving Justin Bieber being smuggled out of a brothel under a sheet, Seth compared the lifestyle of child actors and singers growing up in Hollywood now, to when he was young. "There's a lot more attention and the information travels much more quickly. You know, gossip has always been something that our country's obsessed with, but now that information travels as quickly as it does, it makes it even more impossible for a kid to just be a kid."

While neither of his parents were involved in showbusiness, Seth's mother took him to all his auditions and advised him to have backup plans. Speaking about how he gets along with his father, a teacher, Seth said: "My dad loves telling jokes, but he's not that funny. He's more of like, a pun guy. He makes certain that you heard it. I think he likes the disappointment of people not laughing."

Comparing his new FOX show "Dads" to 80's classics like "Cheers", "Family Ties" and "Different Strokes", he said: "I've spent my career getting bad reviews. I just don't even think about it anymore."

Married for three years to Clare Grant, also an actress and producer, he also spoke about the pressures heaped on young married couples. "The whole first year you spend together, everyone's like 'we'll see how long that lasts'. Then something funny happens. You make it to a year and everyone's like' you gotta breed', 'where's your babies?'"