Welcome To The Family

Chicago-born Puerto Rican actress Justina Machado, best known for playing Taye Diggs’ girlfriend ‘Stephanie Kemp’ on “Private Practice,” and Freddy Rodriguez’s wife ‘Vanessa Diaz’ on “Six Feet Under,” returns to primetime TV this fall on NBC’s new comedy WELCOME TO THE FAMILY (Thursdays, at 8:30PM) as ‘Lisette Hernandez,’ with Ricardo Chavira (“Desperate Housewives”), Mike O’Malley (“Glee”) and Mary McCormack (“In Plain Sight”).

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY is a comedic look at the culture clash between an Anglo and Latino family brought together by a pregnancy.

In addition to her work on-screen, Machado lends her voice as “Rosa Sachez” in the FOX midseason animated series MURDER POLICE from “Family Guy” producer David A. Goodman and starring Will Sasso, Chi McBride and Phil LaMarr. The show expands the boundaries of the cop show genre as only animation can, following a dedicated but inept detective and his colleagues- some perverted, some corrupt, some just lazy –in a twisted city precinct. The series is centered around Manuel Sanchez (voiced by Jason Ruiz), a nerdy and clumsy cop trying to impress his teenage son, while also aspiring to be a good policeman but often put in jeopardy by fellow incompetent colleagues.