Amazon Moon

Amazon Moon (Abbott Press), the latest novel by Glenn Starkey, has all his signature action, adventure and realism, but the added elements of sci-fi make for one mind-blowing experience!

John Alvarez was a bad boy – so bad that a judge finally gave him a choice between prison and the Marines. He's soon shipped off to Vietnam where he leads his own band of bad boys – Iron Raven. Always the first choice for dangerous missions, they instill terror in their enemies. On one such mission, the brain child of a couple of CIA ops, Alvarez and his squad are cut off from escape by their CIA handlers and are left to fight their own way out or die. As the sole survivor, his decision to wreak revenge on the men who abandoned him and his men lands him in prison for life.

After serving twenty years he is offered freedom – but it comes with a caveat. It's another suicide mission where he must act as bodyguard for a Mr. Standish on a journey into a mysterious Amazon kingdom ruled by the devil himself. Alvarez accepts the challenge, not realizing his turbulent life, war and prison are only a taste of what is to come. As he enters the Amazon jungle he's faced with a profound question: "What if all you had believed in and learned was suddenly discovered to be false?” This is the moment he becomes aware he's on a mission that can only have one ending – redemption or death!

The twists and turns in this electrifying story hold readers spellbound; afraid to find out what comes next but unable to stop turning the pages as they are propelled into a world of evil that will set their imagination into overdrive!

Judging from the rave reviews by New York Times bestselling authors Nicholas Guild and Jeff Mudgett, Starkey has really nailed it in this epic tale of good versus evil in a setting that highlights government corruption and the illegal action of loggers and gold miners annihilating the Amazon jungle.

The experiences Glenn Starkey encountered in his life contribute to the realism of his pulse-pounding plots. A former USMC Sergeant, Vietnam veteran, and Texas law enforcement officer, Glenn retired from a global oil corporation as Security Manager over major petrochemical complexes. He's been a consultant and lecturer with assignments such as an interim Security Director for a major Texas Gulf Coast port. Glenn also regularly volunteers at local schools as a mentor to help children improve their reading skills. He resides with his family in Houston, TX.

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