Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman has a lot to celebrate with more than 30 years in the film business, but lately he’s busier than ever with the announcement of a new book, a lead role in a theatrical movie, the upcoming release of his new album and numerous projects with his very own Corey’s Angels brand.

Last month, he released his new single Ascension Millennium on YouTube, which has received mixed reviews and controversy from the public and media. A personal birthday party he also hosted was met with strong criticism online; criticism Feldman strongly feels is cyber bullying.

“Unfortunately, we have grown into a society whose belief system holds to bring down rather than to build up. Bullying is present in schools, homes, professional environments and online (cyber bullying), and here is a case no different from just that. I can take criticism, but what people are saying online as of late is far beyond that,” said Feldman. It takes a lot of balls to put yourself out there in the hot seat, so I encourage everyone to not be afraid of what others will say or think. Move forward and ignore the haters,” he added.

Since the video from Feldman’s first single was released on MTV and has been uploaded, it has received more than half a million views in the US alone, not including Canada and overseas. 

In August this past year, Feldman hosted his second Corey's Angels Birthday Bash, a successful party despite some of the negative reviews it received.

“You can’t believe everything you read or hear. It’s the age old adage reality vs. setup,” said Feldman. “The Corey’s Angels Birthday Bash was an enormous success, and we’re really excited about our follow up event. Stay tuned,” he added.

The Corey’s Angels web site, clothing line and private membership club are also set to launch in October. Corey’s Angels will be hosting their next "Halo Wing" party on Friday, October 11th.

For fans who want to get an in depth look into Feldman's life and career, his autobiography entitled "Coreography" will be released on October 29th. 

Wrapping up October's triple threat is Feldman's new movie called "The M Word" directed by Henry Jaglom and also starring Tanna Fredrick, Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos) and Francis Fisher (Titanic). This is Feldman's first lead in a theatrical US release in over a decade.

As a follow up to Ascension Millennium, Feldman recently released the second single called “Duh” (August 22nd) from his new album titled “Angelic to the Core”, set to be released on October 22nd. The song features Feldman's first-ever "Angel" Courtney Anne on vocals and the single features art work by host Angel Jillian Sheen. A music video for the single will be released soon.

Feldman went on to say, “as Pablo Picasso so brilliantly once said, the meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away. That’s my goal, October is a huge month for me with a new book, new movie and new single, to name just a few projects I’m working on. I thank God for the strength to make it through this far,” Feldman added.

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