By: G. H. Harding

Nile Rodgers

FERRY LIVES --- Eagle Rock on September 24 will release Bryan Ferry’s Live In Lyon on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Formats. Additionally a Deluxe Edition is available on each format, boasting a 72-page hardback edition with embossed front cover and bonus CD of the concert. 

From his earliest recordings with Roxy Music at the beginning of the 70’s, Ferry has established himself as one of the most iconic musicians and innovative songwriters to emerge in popular music. This performance, which was part of his worldwide Olympia tour, was filmed on July 25, 2011 at the ancient Roman amphitheater in Lyon, France as part of the Nuits de Fourviere Festival.

The concert shines with tracks from across his 40-year career including classic Roxy Music songs, solo hits and his renowned interpretations of classic songs. Tunes such as “Slave To Love,” “Oh Yeah!,” “Let’s Stick Together,” “Love Is The Drug,” “Don't Stop The Dance,” “Avalon,” “Like A Hurricane,” “Sign Of The Times,” “If There Is Something,” “Jealous Guy,” and “My Only Love,” are all delivered with the style and panache that is,” uniquely Bryan Ferry.

Also included, is the “The Making Of Olympia” film as a bonus feature. This brilliant documentary unveils the recording of the Olympia album with previously unseen interviews and performances with guest artists including Nile Rodgers, Dave Stewart, Marcus Miller, David Gilmour, Flea and The Scissor Sisters.

I've long been a Bryan Ferry fan and several years (2009) back saw a brilliant documentary on how the Ferry and Roxy Music got together and evolved; called More Than This.

A great nostalgic chronicle of the history behind Roxy, from Ferry's Art School days, early bands, and the roots leading up to what was probably the most stylistically significant group to emerge from England since the Beatles.

Recollections from Ferry, and Roxy Music-members Andy Mackay, Phil Manzanera, Eno, Paul Thompson and Eddie Jobson are included too. It was positively fascinating. 

For me, I've always loved Ferry’s “Don’t Stop the Dance” and “Love Is The Drug.” His music is timeless; just like those terrific Ferry/David Bailey photographs of him. Non one takes a black-and-white photo like Ferry. His timeless style is really quite attractive. Bryan Ferry … one of a kind.

NASH NOTES: I'm really looking forward to the forthcoming memoir by Graham Nash; of C,S,N & Y, to be titled Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life. From the Hollies to now, Nash has been front and center for so many pivotal events in music … most of all because he’s helped create them, and at the same time musically defined a generation. 

I always admired his first solo, 1971’s Songs For Beginners, and he hasn't stopped there, releasing some terrific follow up records (including the recent Songs For Survivors), as well as periodic albums with partner David Crosby. Clearly he’s been the glue for mates Crosby, Stephen Stills and Neil Young, and their music has been nothing short of sensational over the years. Can't wait for this one. 

CLOSING NOTES: I've now watched two night of NBC’s Ryan Seacrest-hosted The Million Second Quiz, and, I can't quite keep up with all the rules … as they seem to have changed each night! I love the pop culture slant to it and some of the questions were about topics that literally just happened, but, boy … try following those rules. Ratings were good for their first night; then, the online app crashed, and off we went. Seacrest (who seemed like he was back on American Idol for a moment or two) crossed his fingers on screen as night two began … Thank God client 9 didn't win! Too reptilian for me … 


 Dominick DiPietrantonio And Nicholas Lampiasi

Guess Who Don't Sue: What new artist is being sued for stealing intellectual property … even before his debut record comes out. Mama mia! Truth is, it’s on an indie-label imprint and all the PR might just help … Here’s a cute shot of Dominick DiPietrantonio and Nicholas Lampiasi, at the latter's closing day event at Robert Earl’s Buca di Beppo in NYC’s midtown … This week USA's epic Burn Notice series ends its run after seven years. As I've said, the scripts this year, and acting, has been off the charts. Well done Jeffrey Donovan and creator-Matt Nix. We enjoyed them all! ... Also, Graceland ends its first season run this week and has been a most enjoyable ride. New concept for the cable-net (USA) and it's work very well. Congrats to Daniel Sunjata and creator-Jeff Eastin ... They may called them legacy acts, but legendary-rocker Peter Fampton's current Circus Global may just take the cake. During the tour, he will share the stage with the likes of Don Felder (Eagles); guitarist Steve Cropper; Vince Gill; David Hildalgo (Los Lobos); Roger McGuinn (Byrds); Vernon Reid (Living Color); and Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick) ... The trailers for James Gandolfini's last movie, Enough Said (which premiered at TIFF last week) have begun and they're positively charming and bittersweet. Insiders say that his performance is a game-changer and inside-sources have told me, he was really conflicted about whether to do the movie or not ... as it was a definitive character change for him. Co-star Julia Louis-Dreyfus broke down as she introduced the film last week. I think it'll be a fitting tribute to his exemplary talents. RIP Jim!

FANTASTICKS HITS BIRTHDAY 20,000 -- The play The Fantasticks, celebrates its 20,000 performance Saturday night at it's new home at midtown's Snapple Theater.
It might not be the big splash the original producer Tony Noto was hoping for, but, he says: "When my father (Lore Noto)first staged the play in 1960, he'd knew it'd last forever."
Tony will be there front and center for the performance

 Lampiasi & DiPietrantonio Photo Courtesy Of: Bruce Glikas