Tuesday, September 10, 2013


80th Anniversary For Esquire

Bradley Cooper

Esquire magazine turns 80 and to celebrate the anniversary, the magazine set out to create an epic portfolio titled “The Life of Man,” comprised of 80 original photographs of actors, sports icons, musicians, politicians, Presidents, etc, ages 80 to one.

The high caliber list of celebrities featured in the portrait include Bradley Cooper (38), Jon Hamm (42), Stephen Colbert (49), Aaron Paul (34), Robin Williams (62), Michael Douglas (69), Josh Hutcherson (21), Tim McGraw (46), Kevin Bacon (55), Matthew Broderick (51), Bill Murray (63), Blake Shelton (37), Peter Dinklage (44), Andy Samberg (35), Aziz Ansari (30), Robert Redford (77), Rico Rodriguez (15), Woody Harrelson (52), Dr. Dre (48), Seth Meyers (40), Chris Colfer (23), Grant Holmquist (Baby Carlos from the Hangover I &II- 5), and many more.

Each were asked about either the best day of their life so far, the best advice they’ve ever gotten, or what they are most looking forward to:

Robert Redford – Most looking forward to – “Continuing: That would make me happy.”

Bill Murray - Best advice – “I’ve ignored it”

Robin Williams - Best advice he’s gotten - “It was by Bette Davis. We were doing Laugh-In, and she got the whole cast together and said, ‘Just learn to say no.’ I thought, Wow, pretty interesting, because she was doing Laugh-In.”

Stephen Colbert – Best day so far – “I know I should say getting married or the birth of my child, but last Friday was pretty good. And there was nothing special about it. It just felt really good.”

Tim McGraw – Best advice – “Was from Johnny Paycheck, a country singer. He looked at me right in eye and said, ‘Son, always go hard and fast, so when you hit the ditch, you can come out on the other side.”

Jon Hamm – Best day so far – “I remember coming out to California after college, by myself, in a 1986 Toyota Corolla. I was driving into L. A. for the first time, and it was a beautiful day, everything that southern California’s supposed to be, and I remember thinking: I finally made it to California.”

Bradley Cooper – Best advice – “I’ve been given a lot of advice. Great advice. But recently, it was a friend of mine who was quoting another friend of his who had given him this advice, talking about relationships. But I can’t say what the advice is. But it was good.”

Blake Shelton – Most looking forward to – “November. It’s my favorite month of the year. Because I like it when shit dies.”

Andy Samberg – Best advice - “It was from a close family member who said, ‘Never look in the mirror when you’re on acid.’ ”

Aaron Paul – Best advice “Simple: Be kind and don’t be a d-bag.”

Chris Colfer – Most looking forward to – “It really sucks to be in your younger twenties. There’s just no respect, you know? So I’m looking forward to being older— like in my sixties or seventies. I want to get to that age where I can be the crazy old guy in the corner. I’m going to thrive in that period of life.”

Josh Hutcherson – Best advice - “It came through somebody else from Tom Hanks: ‘Fame doesn’t change you; it just magnifies whoever you are.’ And I have definitely seen that. Great people become even more great; people who are bad become even worse.”

Rico Rodriguez – Best day so far – “I think the best day of my life would probably have to be when my son was born. Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday. . . . Nah, I’m kidding.”

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