By: G. H. Harding

Reese Witherspoon

REESE'S PIECES --- Fox Searchlight Pictures announced it has acquired worldwide rights to screenwriter Nick Hornby’s adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s bestselling book Wild. The female-led drama will star Reese Witherspoon. An Oprah book selection, the memoir focuses on the 26-year-old woman, dismayed by the dissolution of her marriage and the death of her mother, who decides to hike the 1,000-mile Pacific Crest Trail alone. Oscar-nominated Hornby’s credits include An Education and High Fidelity while Witherspoon received Best Actress for Walk The Line.

BILLIE JEAN --- For the first time, PBS’ American Masters profiles a sports figure: Billie Jean King, a determined woman who has been a major force in changing and democratizing the cultural landscape. This new 90-minute documentary traces the incredible life of the single most important female athlete of the 20th century as her 70th birthday (Nov. 22, 1943) nears.

American Masters Billie Jean King premieres nationally Tuesday, September 10 at 9 p.m. on PBS to commemorate the 40th anniversaries of the King v. Riggs "The Battle of the Sexes" match and founding of the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) by King.

In new interviews, King presents her own story with perspective from Serena & Venus Williams, Hillary Clinton, Sir Elton John, Maria Sharapova, members of the Virginia Slims Circuit "Original 9" including Rosie Casals, Gloria Steinem, Chris Evert, Margaret Court, Bobby Riggs' son Larry, family, friends, and many others.

We're huge fans of Ms. King ... always have been and this Susan Lacy/James Erskine-documentary does not disappoint. XM's Brett Winterble will have an exclusive interview with Erskine in the coming weeks.

GARBAGE --- After a seven year break, 2012 saw the band Garbage back in the spotlight and on tour with a new studio album called Not Your Kind Of People followed by their first world tour in seven years. One Mile High … Live, is the filmed event of that tour, now out via Eagle Rock Entertainment.

Filmed at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado in October 2012. Led by charismatic singer Shirley Manson; propelled by the twin guitars of Steve Marker and Duke Erikson; drummer and producer Butch Vig and bassist Eric Avery, this package rocks from the very first backbeat. The alt-rock band (formed in Wisconsin, in 1994) that scored critical success in the late 90’s, is back on in full-on mode. They have, after all sold in excess of 17 million units.

Their signature songs, “Big Bright World,” "Blood For Poppies,” "Battle In Me,” and “Control,” are all delivered in fine form here. Their forever classic track “Stupid Girl,” is here and does not disappoint. If you a fan … this is an essential package.

NICK MATTERS --- 10-year old wunderkind Nicholas Lampiasi (currently Les in Disney's Newsies) will be interviewed by next week; certainly one of the most impressive media-generation yet for this young Broadway-veteran; though Times Square Gossip had him first. With his run in the play slated to end in early-September, Nick and his team and weighing numerous offers for other possible Broadway-runs and several film offers that have come in.

A spokesperson for Nick said, "He's in a terrific position right now. with his Broadway-run in Newsies, as well as Billy Elliot, he's positioned himself perfectly for the next step. If it we're up to me, I'd find the right film vehicle for him and go with that. He's a natural for films."

SHO-NUFF --- Women love shoes: Cinderella never would have met her prince if
not for her glass slippers. Dorothy could never have returned to Oz without her ruby red slippers. Marie Antoinette wore high heels to her execution. And, where would Carrie Bradshaw have been without her Manolo Blahniks?

The History Of Women's Shoe's is the story of the love affair between women and their shoes. According to a Glamour-magazine survey, the average women will buy 469 pairs of shoes in her lifetime, spending more than $25,000. In 2010 American women spent more than $20 billion on shoes, about double what men spent. The average American woman owns 19 pairs of shoes.

Tony Seidl's Event Bookazines magazine will include these chapters: A brief history of women’s shoes; A longer cultural history of women’s shoes;The perfect shoe collection; Inside a woman’s shoe; The psychology of women shoes; A Day in the Life of the World’s Largest Women’s Shoe Store; If the shoe fits; and Designing Women’s Shoes. The issue will hit stands mid-August. Get ready!

Photo By: RD/Orchon/Retna