By: G. H Harding

Micky Dolenz

MICKY'S MISSING ALBUM --- Last October, Micky Dolenz did one standout show at B. B. King’s. It was recorded for both DVD and CD release and all these months later … where is it? Dolenz saddles up next month for another tour with The Monkees (Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork). Wouldn't it be a fabulous addition to the tour merchandise?

NO SOUP FOR YOU --- Gotham-pr man David Salidor turned up last Monday for the start of this year’s New Music Seminar confab in NYC; held this year at the esteemed New Yorker hotel. Salidor helped start the event, in 1984, with Scott Anderson, Danny Heaps, Marc Josephson, the late-Joel Webber, and Tom Silverman, who continues to run it.

Guess what? No registration info for Salidor. The funny thing is, that according to several witnesses on-scene, Salidor was engaged in conversation with one Ella Silverman, Tom’s daughter … who wasn't even born when the Seminar-series kicked off in '84!

We spoke to Salidor earlier today, who said he’s still waiting for an email response from Silverman, who he emailed when the incident occurred. “I liked to think it was just a glitch; as Tom said everything was set. It’s a shame as I knew several people had flown in expecting to meet with me there. A wasted opportunity all around? Definitely!”

GUESS WHO, DON'T SUE --- There’s this terrific band from Boston, who several years ago put out just one terrific album; and, it was self-distributed no less and created a ton of attention. After going through a series of pr-people, they finally decided on one … from L. A. Too bad, as this band is an East Coast-one, and as such should have had an East Coast-firm handle their outreach. Funnily enough, the new album is produced by a New Yorker, who just did a phenomenal job with a comeback album from a true English-rocker. Not that we're trumpeting NY-pr firms over any other ones; heck, when John Lennon & Yoko Ono released their come album Double Fantasy years ago … they hired a firm from Boston to coordinate all the pr. Go figure.

ROY TRAKIN--- East-Coast born, but on the West Coast for the last decade or two, writer-extraordinaire Roy Trakin has just exited the music industry’s Hits! Magazine, and is embarking on a series of new projects; including a forthcoming on Billy Idol. I've know Roy for close to 25 years and he has always been one of the more interesting people on the music scene. Whether it was working for Polygram Records or writing for the much-missed Soho Weekly News; Roy always had his pulse right where it should be. A raconteur of major proportions, he'll still contribute the odd column or so and his musings on such recent events as Michal Musto leaving The Village Voice; the new Bowie album or Stones-tour; or, the current season of AMC’s Mad Men …required reading. Much luck Roy!

STUCK IN LOVE --- I love movie soundtrack albums; always have. Last year’s accompanying album to Ryan Gosling’s Drive movie was a treat in itself. Brilliant stuff for sure. This year’s pick so far, has just got to be the music from the movie Stuck In Love, featuring Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Conelly, Lily Collins and Nat Wolf. The brilliantly creative score, composed and performed by Mike Mogis and Nathaniel Walcott is exceptional and really adds an additional dimension to the movie. We especially like “I Won’t Love You Any Less” and “Between The Bars.” Exquisite set. Thanks to Beth Krakower at Varese Sarabande for sending this gem.

WINTERBLE ON A ROLL --- How about XM’s Brett Winterble; interviewing in rapid succession Buzz Aldrin (second man on the moon); Richard Belzer; LeAnn Rimes; Orianthi; Nancy Jo Sales (The Bling Ring) and, Paul McCartney’s guitar-man Brian Ray. Go Brett!

Photo Courtesy Of: David Salidor