The Girls Of Rick's

The Rick's Cabaret New York Girls want to remind everyone that this Sunday, June 16th is Father's Day. "Don't forget to buy a gift for your Dad," purred Pamela, a 21 year-old blond beauty who dances at the famous upscale gentleman's club in midtown Manhattan.

"The traditional gift is a necktie," she explained, "and although the tie is a nice gift, it's a little old fashioned."

She offered another gift idea. "If you want to get him something that he'll really enjoy--give him a gift certificate to Rick's Cabaret. I know for sure he would like that," she cooed.

"He could have dinner with me and some of the beautiful Rick's Cabaret Girls in the second floor steakhouse. Everyone loves the big juicy steaks. After dinner, we'll take him up to the Rick's Roof Deck Smoking Lounge and Garden where he can have a cigar and brandy. Then we will have a table for him in the Champagne Lounge where the sexy Rick's Cabaret Girls will dance for him!"

"I guarantee a night at Rick's Cabaret is a Father's Day present he will never forget," she promised.