Vikings: Their Myths And Legends

Fearsome warriors. Fearsome gods …Vikings are always contenders for “Most Fearsome Warriors Ever” in any survey of history; bloodthirsty, vicious, cruel pagans that descended upon helpless men of God to plunder and pillage. On June 4, a new Event Bookazines title about Vikings explores the myths and realities of perhaps the most enigmatic people in all in history.

And their pantheon of gods and goddesses are just as awe-inspiring: Father of the Gods, Odin, who hung from the world tree for nine days, pierced by his own spear, to learn the Old Norse language, the Runes…and, who gave an eye for a sip from the Well of Wisdom; Thor, the red-bearded God of Thunder, none too bright, but there is that hammer; and, his mischievous brother troublemaker Loki, who changed himself into a mare to seduce the magical stallion Svadilfari - and gave birth to its foal!

So, were Vikings truly just berserk heathen thieves and murderers? Or were they actually a strong and dynamic people of merchants and traders and artisans and explorers, with a rich culture, skills and strength tempered by a harsh climate, seeking trade routes and lands to settle? This new, 128-page, written and researched by Event Bookazines Group Publisher Tony DeStefano - this newest release from explores all the aspects of Viking culture, up to and including modern incarnations - from Viking Heavy Metal to Haggar the Horrible to Neo-paganism to comic books and romantic novels to video games…Vikings are everywhere!

Says DeStefano, “A few years ago a cable show titled Deadliest Warriors featured a segment matching a Samurai against a Viking in a fight to the death. As a Japanese-trained fighter, I rooted for the Samurai, who won, but the episode gave me an in-depth look at the Viking warrior and I developed a deep appreciation and respect for these fighters.”


* Vikings really weren't the most violent and barbaric people of their time. This was a time where petty barons routinely impaled the heads of criminal and enemies on pikes around the city gates. This was a time when Charlemagne butchered pagans who refused to convert to Christianity. In a nutshell, it was a rather violent period in history, regardless what side you were on!

* Modern sword makers still find it a challenge to truly replicate the finest Viking swords.

* Vikings liked to bleach their hair blonder - and developed a special "soap" to do this.

* The most commonly found item in any Viking dig is....combs

* Viking women had far more power and rights than the average medieval woman. In fact, they could even divorce their husbands and retain their property! In the US, women couldn't do this until the 20th century!

* The Vikings were the most traveled people of any age before the jet age. A Viking family might travel from Norway to Iceland to Greenland to Canada to Spain, and even farther.

* More medieval English silver coins have been found in Viking hoards in Scandinavia than in England.

* Any Tolkien fan will see the relationship between Middle Earth and various points of Viking lore.