Bianca Del Rio With Josh Hart, Susan Levine And Sable Scities

The Girls Of Dune Point

Another great year for DJ Susan Levine and another birthday to celebrate for New York's top spinner.

This year Miss Levine not only hosted the grand opening of Cherry's On The Bay in Fire Island, she celebrated her birthday bash with a wild night of shows and top songs. This club was packed and the crowd was wild.

Sable Scities aka Timothy Byars and Bianca Del Rio hosted from the stage and went after audience members with a vengeance. The staff of Dune Point Fire Island also joined the fun, by jumping onstage and singing Happy Birthday in Czech. Since nothing ever stuns Queen Susan Levine, except when I make a bad pot of coffee, she was thrilled by Petra Brehl and her mother Sona Pavlasova Ceska's staff of Czech beauties singing the famed song in their native language. What could be better on a beautiful night in Cherry Grove?

Spotted in the audience was the oldest intern on The Elvis Duran Show, Johny Pool. Johny has fans worldwide. Tourists come from all over the globe to taste Johny's famous drinks, this guy is a legend.

Logan Hardcore was spotted working the crowd and our favorite Cherry Lane Cafe bartender Josh Hart, was in full swing presenting Miss Levine with her birthday cake. The dance floor was packed and once again Miss Levine really brought out the top hits on a wild Fire Island night.

Get ready America, Queen Levine is really on the top of her game this year and no one gets the crowd moving like her!