By G. H. Harding

Nicholas Lampiasi

MISSING MONKESS --- When the surviving Monkees re-grouped last fall for 12 shows, the two shows I caught were so well received, I thought at the time the three would quickly do it all over again in 2013. For Nesmith, who remains as enigmatic a figure as ever, he’s about to embark on his own solo tour, with his own band. We tried to get to his PR-rep Cary Baker (himself quite the PR-star) to comment on a yet-another Monkees-reunion, and he said quickly said possibly this summer. Peter Tork, much more serious and reflective than his TV-persona would suggest, is also mounting his own tour, entitled In This Generation; a one-man solo tour that will touch on his life during and since the Monkees fanfare. For Dolenz, who turned 68 two weeks back, a rumored album from his terrific show at B. B. King’s last October has yet to materialize (and, it's a shame because it was a killer show). A tour with fellow teen idols, David Cassidy and Peter Noone, kicks off this weekend at the NYCB Theatre in Westbury (there are only a handful of dates booked so far ... mostly at casinos), however, we well recall his PR-man David Salidor telling us two years back, that a plan to mount a one-man show, starting at Feinstein’s in NYC, was in the works. It never happened… yet, Tork seems to have taken that idea and with Monkee/Rhino-producer Andrew Sandoval, has sketched out a show that on paper sounds great. I'd never been a Nesmith fan, but upon seeing him and hearing him applaud, the man is unquestionably the real deal. With Davy Jones unfortunately gone, any reunion hinges solely on Nesmith. It'll be interesting the see if another reunion happens this summer. Stay tuned.

NICHOLAS LAMPIASI --- Newsies’ Nicholas Lampiasi may only be 10, but he’s already with a Broadway veteran; with his role, prior to Disney’s Newsies, in the 2nd national tour of the Tony-award winning Billy Elliot (as the Small Boy) cementing that fact. On the road for 10 months and performing the role more than 250 times in a dozen cities, he knew his future had been cast. “I was the youngest kid in the show, and the only Small Boy, so I did all 8 performances a week. I had to be really focused because I opened the show by myself, walking down the aisle of the theater carrying a boom box on my shoulder right through the audience. Each theatre was different, so my entrance was different in each city and how I got on to the stage would change,” recalls Nicholas. Hen also appeared in Jeff Lipksy’s critically acclaimed film Molly’s Theory of Relativity. Now, as Les in Newsies, he’s beginning to mark his mark and getting movie scripts. He's a star waiting to happen. No quetsion!(

GOLD & APPLEGATE ON WOR --- Did you hear The Radio Chick Leslie Gold and TV-talking head Jodi Applegate on WOR? They both sounded great. Two weeks back was Rita Cosby. Tom Cuddy, newly installed up there is making some great moves. 

Photo Courtesy Of: David Salidor