Food-Tang Clan

Caterer and celebrity chef, Roblé Ali, star of Bravo TV’s hit show Chef Roblé & Co., is renowned for his culinary skill and creativity, and he is set to make his mark in the entertainment field as well. As part of the parody rap trio Food-Tang Clan, Roblé, along with Chef Roblé & Co. co-star and culinary co-conspirator Ché “Gravy” and food enthusiast Jason “J. Brew” Brewster, released their first single, “Grubbin’ Problems,” on today.

“Grubbin’ Problems,” a creative and humorous take on A$AP Rocky’s “F-----g Problems,” offers listeners a look at one of the dilemmas faced by foodies the world over: too many temptations in the kitchen, pantry, and elsewhere. Whether it is trying to resist the allure of their own creations or those of store-bought snacks, Food-Tang Clan hilariously details the many culinary delights they love in this send-up of the rap hit. The group uses clever rhymes, lyrical ability and knowledge of all things culinary to bring entertaining, light-hearted rap songs to music fans.

Opening for 2 Chainz—who did the hook for the original “F-----g Problems”—Food-Tang Clan performed for the first time on Saturday, February 23 in their hometown of Poughkeepsie, New York at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center. The group entertained the crowd with "Grease," a wicked spin on Trinidad James's "All Gold Everything."

From stuffing and gravy to the remedy for a girl who cooks “wack chicken” to a shout out to the beloved Hostess Twinkie, “Grubbin’ Problems” offers listeners a tongue-in-cheek peek into the kitchen of Food-Tang Clan. The group, which is produced by Slimmy Neutron—Ali and Aahmek Richards serve as executive producers—plans to release a series of music videos and a mixtape, Watch the Stove, in the coming months. More information on Food-Tang Clan can found at @FoodTangClanNY. 


Roblé Ali, star of Bravo TV’s Chef Roblé & Co., can’t stand the heat...of his new beats. He’s getting out of the kitchen and into the studio. The celebrity chef and caterer to the stars, who has prepared culinary delights for the likes of President Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, the Olsen twins, Rihanna, Spike Lee, Mariah Carey and Vanessa Williams, is now throwing down behind the mic, having formed the rap parody group Food-Tang Clan. His crew includes fellow chef from his TV show, Ché Gravy, and dedicated eater, Jason “J. Brew” Brewster.