Katie Couric With Patricia Cornwell

In her first television interview since a federal court awarded her more than $50 million in damages after she sued her former financial advisors for mismanagement, best-selling crime writer Patricia Cornwell talks with Katie Couric about how the courtroom drama unfolded. The author, who has sold over 100 million books, also opens up about her childhood – including her relationship with Reverend Billy Graham and his late wife – how she began writing crime novels, and what she has learned in the process. This episode will broadcast today, Wednesday, February 27th.

Following are exclusive advance excerpts from this show:

Patricia Cornwell on when she discovered her finances were out of order:

Katie Couric: “When did you realize your financial house was completely out of order, if you will?”

Patricia Cornwell: “Well, for the last couple of years before we left this particular company, it seemed that no matter what I did I never had any more money. I mean, I kept thinking how can I earn this much money and there’s just, it’s not accumulating in any sort of way. And I began to be very confused by that and very concerned. In fact, I even went so far to say, ya know, money’s just not worth what it used to be, it must be that. But, ya know, I was getting paid an enormous amount of money for my books and I just didn’t understand why there wasn’t a lot in the bank. I was starting gettin’ just extremely scared.”

Patricia Cornwell on incorporating this experience into a future book:

KC: “What would you say is the lesson you’ve learned from all of this?”

PC: “Pay attention to your own business even if you’re not good at it. Make sure you have people around you, you can trust. And, don’t have everything resting on one person. You should make sure that everybody’s kind of looking over ev- each person’s shoulder.”

KC: “Is, Is there a book in the works about this whole ordeal?”

PC: “Well, I think Scarpetta may find there is some financial mismanagement that could be motive for a crime, in the next book that I’m working on right now.”

KC: “And, and, and, and not everyone…”

PC: “And she’ll win too!”

Photo Courtesy Of: ABC/Disney/Katie Couric