Saturday, February 02, 2013



Joey Fatone

Tune-in to the Live Well Network this weekend as Joey Fatone takes viewers behind the scenes at the Greatest Show On Earth in a brand new episode of My Family Recipe Rocks Sunday February 3rd at 8:30 PM EST.

Backstage at the Circus: Joey Fatone and the MFRR crew get rare, backstage access to The Greatest Show On Earth! See how Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus feeds a cast and crew of 300 on the road. Ringmaster, Andre McClain takes Joey backstage for a look inside the mobile kitchen that feeds the troops and reveals some secrets about how the circus comes to life.

Ringling Bros. Circus Train Trivia: 

• The average distance the Ringling Bros. circus train travels between cities is 350 miles. 
• The Ringling Bros. train is more that 1 mile long. 

• The Ringling Bros. train will travel an average of 16,000 miles in one year. 

• The train master walks a minimum of 3 miles per day in taking care of every aspect of the Ringling Bros. train. 

• It takes the Ringling Bros. train recycling team 9000 man-hours to build one train car for The Greatest Show On Earth. The circus train is self-powered by a quiet, sound-attenuating generator custom manufactured for the Ringling Bros. Train.

• The maximum speed of the train is 60 miles per hour. 

• All of the train's electrical power is supplied by the two generator cars. No other electrical source is used.

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