Brandon Ruckdashel With Daniela Rivera And Keith Collins

The Meat Puppet, the new horror/psychological drama directed by Joe Valenti (Echelon 8) & produced by Blaze Kelly Coyle, Keith Collins & Joe Valenti just recently had its premiere at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City & exclusive after party at underground hotspot Kings Cross. The film is reminiscent of classic horror films that relied heavy on a story that is just as scary as the blood and violence. Writers Joseph and Billy Pepitone (Stuck in the Midd! le) have created great characters and take you into the mind of a twisted, cold-blooded, killer.

The highlight of the film is Keith Collins who plays Andrew "Drew" Shelton. Collins’ performance is astonishing keeping the audience on edge while delivering tremendous fear throughout the film. Collins is exceptional as the lead character whose torment you can feel as he struggles with trying to be normal and pleasing his psychotic “mother” played by Geri Reischl (“Fake Jan- The Brady Bunch Variety Hour). Collins terrorizes and tortures beautiful women, serving them up to Reischl in search of her approval. But Collins really turns it up a notch when he is on-screen opposite Brandon Rucksdaschel (Co-Ed Confidential), the hard-nosed detective who becomes obsessed with stopping him. The two really bring out the best in each other ! all the way to their epic final meeting.

Collins also shares great chemistry with Daniela Rivera who is the one woman his character admires and longs to live a normal life. Rivera has a strong debut as the innocent but tough single mother who becomes the object of Andrew "Drew" Shelton's obsession.

The Meat Puppet is definitely a winner and a nice break from recent horror films that concentrate more on shocking than entertaining. The final twists will shock audiences in disbelief. It turns what is a quality horror film into a future classic that will have people talking as they leave the theater and beyond.

The Meat Puppet also features a who's who ca! st of many TV personalities Gregg Valentino (TLC’s "The Man Whose Arms Exploded"), former New York Yankee Billy Sample, Billy Garcia ("Survivor"), Gary Garver (formerly of The Howard Stern Show), Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns N' Roses), Erik Chopin (Winner of NBC’s "The Biggest Loser"), Jamie Kovac (Fury from "American Gladiators"), April Hunter (WCW and TNA wresting), Doug Bollinger (Waltzing Anna, Mail Order Bride),Theresa Galeani (Cross the Line, I Am Legend), John Fields (A-List DJ Unique), Anastasia Smith (NY Majesty Lingerie Football League), Emilio Masella (Oxygen's Love Games), Gervase Peterson (Survivor Season One), Cindy Fox (The Naked Cowgirl). The Meat Puppet will keep you glued to your seat and is a must see for any horror enthusiast. The Meat Puppet is one for the books not to be missed.

Photo Courtesy Of: Steve Mack