Bitching By: James Edstrom

Petra Brehl

I love our new place in Williamsburg, but I am really missing the time I spend with all my friends at Dune Point Fire Island. So I was very lucky this week when Cherry Grove's Petra Brehl came into the city to have dinner with me at The Saigon Market on University street by Union Square. We had great dinner and conversation, catching up on everything gossip. And besides, Union Square is very festive this time of year with Christmas shops and holiday music, so we had a fun time.

Tree Sequoia

I almost never go to the West Village anymore, but last night I went to Stonewall and had a great time talking to CSI Las Vegas star Gerald McCullouch about so many things. It was also great seeing Tree Sequoia bartending at the famed watering hole. Tree knows me from when I was 18 and hanging out at the Ninth Circle when the drinking age was much younger than it is today. The Village is so different now. Gone are the days when rent boys lined 10th street, the Bull Dykes and Leather Men cruised Christopher Street and everyone sun bathed nude on the piers. I always said, Tree should write a book, he's been there for all these years.

Holly Dae With Susan Levine

I made another quick stop to see my friend, famed DJ Susan Levine who was spinning at Boots & Saddle on Christopher street. Holly Dae was performing and the place was hopping. Susan spinned the hits and Holly tore up the crowd. We are also very sure, Susan will hate this photo, she hates almost every shot I take of her. DIVAS!