Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Valerie Bertinelli With Betty White

Hot In Cleveland

“That Changes Everything”

Last season, a baby was left on the doorstep of the ladies’ home, and in the season premiere, Melanie, Joy, Elka and Victoria grapple with the consequences. Meanwhile, Melanie is offered a job by unhinged super-vixen Chloe (Heather Locklear) and becomes attracted to her other boss (Jay Harrington) – not knowing he’s Chloe’s ex. Elka “cheats” on her boyfriend, Pierre (Regis Philbin), and gets the upper hand in their relationship.

Guest stars: Heather Locklear, Regis Philbin, Jay Harrington, Michael McMillian

Happily Divorced

“Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place, II”

When Fran finds herself torn between Elliot (D.W. Moffett) and Frankie (Ralph Macchio), she realizes she must make a choice between her two suitors. The season premiere will also guest star the legendary Joan Collins (“Dynasty”), playing a fictional and more diva-ized version of herself, who employs Peter as her personal assistant. Joan Collins turns Fran’s world upside-down and makes her question her true love. 

Guest stars: Joan Collins, D.W. Moffett, Ralph Macchio

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