Pitbull On Elvis Duran

International Superstar Pitbull, visited "Elvis Duran and The Morning Show," to discuss his seventh album "Global Warming" which premiered today. The album features chart topping singles, including collaborations from The Wanted, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Shakira and Enrique Iglesias. Elvis asked if it was fun to partner with these artists? Pitbull told Elvis, “I love tapping into everybody’s demographic, it's global music. I make music and it touches the world. Its great to have all of these artists, they touch different pockets and corners and we are able to feed off each other and create this magic on the track.”

Last night at the American Music Awards, Christina Aguilera surprised Pitbull by coming out during his performance of Feel This Moment. Elvis asked if he knew about the surprise appearance. Pitbull replied, “Thank you very much to Christina Aguilera, that was a complete surprise! She jumped out of nowhere she told us before hand I might come out I might not. She's great, she did great thanks so much Christina.”

Elvis noted that his presence on stage is amazing, and asked how he is able to stay so energetic during his performances. Pitbull told Elvis, “When you hit the stage there is this explosion, I don’t think you can control it. It’s motivating and inspiring.”

Elvis also asked Pitbull how he transformed from “Mr. 305” to “Mr. Worldwide”, Pitbull explained, “ You have to evolve, you have to mature and you have to grow.”

Find the full interview and performance visit HERE.


Johny Pool Mixes It Up On Elvis Duran

On another quick note, good friend Johny Pool, AKA Uncle Johny, also was in the studio recently mixing up some of his famous drinks, that have made him a legend worldwide. Guests from all over the planet have traveled far and wide to get a taste of Johny's masterful mixes. Nothing like a early morning eye opener! 

Photos Courtesy Of: Elvis Duran