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Lou Wegner

Actor activist Lou Wegner (Trouble With The Curve, Doughboy, Modern Family) and founder of Kids Against Animal Cruelty (KAAC) plants a flag at the tomb of “Blackout,” a war dog wounded in the Pacific during world War II who was laid to rest with his handler U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant George Lewis Oshier at Los Angeles National Cemetery, reminding all Americans to celebrate our U.S Armed Forces on Veterans Day on Sunday, November 11, 2012.

Born in Columbus, Ohio and now living in Burbank, Wegner, whose father is a decorated U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, continues his tradition of decorating the tombstone of a soldier to commemorate U.S. military men, women and hero dogs globally. He appears in the dramedy Doughboy (January, 2013) starring Weekend at Bernie’s Terry Kiser with his father and other real-life veterans about the ultimate cost of freedom and learning to respect our armed forces despite political views.

“Dogs in warfare have a long history as scouts, sentries and trackers,” said Wegner. “Today more than 600 U.S. military working dogs (MWD) are actively participating alongside our troops in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, including explosives detection.” He is mindful Veterans Day celebrates all U.S. veterans, while Memorial Day honors those who died while serving our country.

As an actor and activist, he works tirelessly on issues making headlines today. When not at school or on the set he works tirelessly with fellow KAAC teens finding homes for shelter animals, feeding homeless veterans and co-hosting a weekly radio show. His latest public service music video is raising voices for federal laws banning slaughter of wild horses on U.S. soil, saving our western frontier and raising funds for the American Veterans Disabled For LIFE Memorial, under construction in the nation’s capital.

Los Angeles National Cemetery, operated by the Veterans Administration to honor the men and women who served America as far back as the Civil War, contains the remains of 14 Medal of Honor awardees, 100 African American Buffalo soldiers and two unusual canine burials, Old Bonus, an adopted pet of the residents in the soldier’s home, and Blackout the wounded World War II war dog.

About Kids Against Animal Cruelty

Founded by teen actor Lou Wegner in 2010, Kids Against Animal Cruelty (KAAC) promotes shelter adoption, responsible pet ownership and kindness to the planet. As one of the fastest growing animal rights organizations, KAAC has 50,000+ supporters and partner coalitions, with new state chapters forming monthly. For information please visit

 Photo Courtesy Of: Jeff Knight Photography

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