Tuesday, November 06, 2012



Rearview Mirror

At first glance, Alana Stewart (www.alanastewart.com) has lived a charmed life, as an international model, actress, talk-show host, filmmaker and bestselling author. But despite many accomplishments and successes, her Cinderella story has been marred by abandonment, poverty, tragedy, infidelity and even violence.

In her compelling new memoir, Rearview Mirror, Stewart confronts her remarkable past, and reconciles these opposing realities.

The journey from a one-room shack in rural Texas, to the catwalks of high-fashion, and the sexy, pulsating dance floors of Studio 54, to the gilded mansions of Hollywood, came at a brutal emotional, physical and spiritual cost. With compelling openness, honesty and refreshing accountability, Alana chronicles her unstable childhood with a drug-addicted mother and succession of alcoholic step-fathers, her traumatic and violent rape, and struggles with bulimia, divorce and depression.

She also reveals the inner workings of her two high-profile marriages – and divorces – with two iconic stars: rocker Rod Stewart (who just released a memoir) and actor George Hamilton; life as a single mom; the devastating effects of drug addiction in her family; and the tragic deaths of her mother, and her best friend, Farrah Fawcett.

Far from playing the victim, Alana shares the valuable life lessons learned from her numerous challenges and heartaches: unconditional love, faith, gratitude, perseverance, and the importance of finding your higher purpose in life. 

A devotee of Deepak Chopra, Alana has undergone a spiritual renaissance, which has inspired her to help others by sharing her story. “What I really would love for people to take away is that no matter what kind of challenges or difficulties we go through in our lives, we can get through them with faith, perseverance and spiritual support,” she says.

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