Jennifer Esposito

Sheryl Goldstein, author of The No Gluten Solution, Cooking For Family and Friends, says:

“It’s not in my nature to publicly question someone’s statement regarding health issues, but I can’t help but react to the recent press surrounding Jennifer Esposito. I, like Jennifer, have celiac disease and we know that a strict compliance to a gluten-free diet is the remedy.

After she collapsed on the TV set of Blue Bloods, she claimed that her condition was the cause. That she asked the producers to make schedule accommodations due to her disorder is in direct conflict with what she declares as her beliefs on her website, Jennifer’s Way.

Her tagline, “Learn to live again… gluten free” says to me that one can take control of his/her health through adherence to a gluten-free diet. She lives this life and her mission is to help others with celiac and gluten intolerance to do the same.

Jennifer clearly states that her health is ‘directly linked to what I’m eating and the nutrition I’m getting.’ She knows what needs to be done to maintain good health and shares this philosophy with the world. If she follows what she preaches, then there is no reason to use ‘her disease’ as an excuse for a reduced work schedule.”

Photo By: Sara de Boer/Retna