Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection

A triple treat in the beauty industry, Joey Healy is a prominent eyebrow stylist, professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician. With his skill for creating the ideal arch, Joey launched his mobile eyebrow styling division in late 2009 and The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection in 2011. The result, a chic way for men and women to tame and maintain exquisite eyebrows.

Combining his artistic talents with his keen eye and love of science, Joey developed and launched The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection. With shipping available on worldwide, men and women around the world are able to experience the expertise of the Brow Architect Stylos, Luxe Brow Powders, Duo Brow Brush, Brow Renovation Serum and Brow Structure Clear Set in The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection and will soon be able to experience the Elite Sculpting Tweezer, launching December 2012.

The Joey Healy Collection – Elite Sculpting Tweezer – Launching December 2012

Flawless eyebrow sculpting relies on total precision. Never miss a hair again with The Joey Healy Collection Elite Sculpting Tweezer. Crafted from pro-performance stainless steel, the elongated, angled tips ensure complete accuracy and unmatched control. For protection and portability, the Elite Sculpting Tweezer is conveniently packaged in a clear cylindrical case. Whether designing a new shape or simply “cleaning-up” between professional visits, the Elite Sculpting Tweezer will be a staple piece in your eyebrow wardrobe.

Elite Sculpting Tweezer retails for $35.00 and will be available for purchase on December 1, 2012.

The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection - Brow Architect Stylo

Create breathtaking, crisp lines and arches with perfect definition, structure, and intensity with The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection Brow Architect Stylo. This fully retractable, waterproof pencil imparts the natural finish of an eyebrow powder with the precision of a pencil and corrects any brow issues such as short tails, scars or sparseness. The ultimate two-in-one product, features a “never needs sharpening” retractable tip on one side and a brush for easy blending on the other. Available in five brow perfect shades, this convenient and portable tool provides long lasting results.

Brow Architect Stylos retail for $25.00 each.

The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection - Luxe Brow Powders

Ideal for softly filling and enhancing eyebrows with natural definition, The Joey Healy Collection Luxe Brow Powders effortlessly sculpt brows by subtly emphasizing key points of the face. Available in six comprehensive shades, Luxe Brow Powders turn up the volume while flawlessly mimicking the look of natural eyebrows. Its waterproof formula will ensure that brows stay beautifully refined throughout the day.

Luxe Brow Powders retail for $28.00.

The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection - Duo Brow Brush

A brow powder is only as good as the brush that it’s applied with! The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection two-in-one Duo Brow Brush will be the first and last tool you will ever need to purchase for all of your brow needs. Allowing the user to expertly groom, fill, control, and define their eyebrows, there is nothing you can’t do with the Duo Brow Brush. The angled portion is a mix of cruelty-free boar and badger hair, providing a stiff applicator for working in Luxe Brow Powder with the utmost control. The eyebrow spoolie brush provided on the opposite end ensures optimal distribution of the fill color and will sweep brows into place for a sophisticated finish.

Duo Brow Brush retails for $28.00.

The Joey Healy Collection - Brow Structure Clear Set

Are your rebellious eyebrows making a run for it in every direction? Then groom unruly hairs into submission with The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection Brow Structure Clear Set. The water resistant, transparent gel provides natural definition and sets brows for the day. The expert formula leaves eyebrows pliable, never crispy, and will not disturb your Luxe Brow Powder or Brow Architect Stylo underneath. The spiral brush lifts hairs into place while providing the right amount of healthy shine and grooming. This flake-free formula leaves no reside or flaking, just a lightweight, pliable hold that lasts all day. The Brow Structure Clear Set is portable for touchups and is also ideal to condition lashes just prior to mascara application. Renegade brows beware –this is a makeup bag must for every woman and the man in her life!

Brow Structure Clear Set retails for $25.00.

The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection - Brow Renovation Serum

Those with over-plucked, over-shaped or over-worked brows, this one’s for you. Put brows on the road to recovery with the award winning, paraben-free, The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection Brow Renovation Serum. A unique blend of pentapeptides, glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronic acid are used to moisturize, soothe and enhance circulation, allowing brows to grow back thicker than ever before. The advanced moisturizing agents in added Vitamins A, C and E condition and strengthen already present brow hair while botanical ingredients including chamomile, white tea, licorice and cucumber brighten complexion. When applied as directed, users will see lusher brows in two to three weeks.

Brow Renovation Serum retails for $125.00.

About The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection: The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection, a cosmetic brand dedicated solely to the art of crafting the perfect eyebrow, was created from two motivating passions: one of practicality, the other of a personal mission. Founder and CEO Joey Healy developed the brand as a way to have the ideal products to suit the specific needs of his eyebrow clientele. He created a streamlined collection of eyebrow products including Luxe Brow Powders, Brow Architect Stylos, a Duo Brow Brush, Brow Structure Clear Set and Brow Renovation Serum in an all-embracing color palette with high performance standards. The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection not only simplifies the makeup routines of his existing clients, but women around the world as well.

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