Gerald McCullouch And Joe Conti

"BearCity 2: The Proposal", the follow up to 2010's break out indie hit "BearCity" brings to the screen one of the most endearing romantic comedies in recent years. I was won over by the first film as well as it's star, the handsome Gerald McCullouch, and I've been following the process of making the film on the CSI actor's column at The Advocate.  His most recent column is a must read for all film lovers. 

A hirsute 'Sex and the City", the San Francisco Examiner stated: “BearCity 2 is the sequel that Sex and the City 2 wished it was.” The movie follows the familiar characters from the first film through hilarious, romantic and occasionally surprisingly dramatic adventures as they head to Provincetown, MA for Bear Week and a gay wedding. Film Forum marks the film as "Fresh, moving and dear to the heart" and Next Magazine states "BearCity 2 is a sweet snapshot of modern gay life".

As it is the first feature film to focus on gay marriage now that it's legal in NY, this film is not only important but worthy of our support. The director and creator Doug Langway visually includes the wide variety of the gay sub-community in a story that breaks all barriers and rewards its audience with laughter and tears. Kathy Najimy does her best work as the den mother to the returning cast of bears, cubs, otters, silver foxes, twinks and walruses. I was surprisingly moved by Gerald McCullouch's beautifully heartbreaking moments in the climactic wedding scene and Stephen Guarino gives a star making performance throughout the film. Greg Gunter breathes endearing life into a character we've rarely seen in film: as do each of the main actors. Richard Riehle and Susie Mosher are unforgettable as the parents of McCullouch's much younger love, Tyler(played with ease and heart by handsome Joe Conti).

In addition to the principle cast, there are side splitting cameos by Frank DeCaro, Kevin Smith, comedian Jason Stuart and Provincetown legend Varla Jean Merman. Political figures Dan Choi alongside Justin Elzie also appear in an appropriate cameo that furthers Langway's ability to weave a timely political landscape into this must see Rom Com.

"BearCity 2: The Proposal" had it's Word Premier at this year's Outfest - the Los Angeles Lesbian Gay Film Festival - and has since received screenings and praise internationally. It's New York City Premier was on Friday September 28.