Jill Zarin

Have you ever wanted to ask your ex boss why you were fired?

Jill Zarin turns the table on Andy Cohen and takes over the clubhouse and asks.."WHY DID YOU FIRE ME?" Jill admits for the first time what really started the fight between besties Jill and Bethany...How did Andy know about it? Jill talks about how she pulled herself up by her bootstraps to create one of the most successful brands to come from a reality star including Skweez Couture and Jill Zarin Jewelry which was just sold to one of the largest retailers in the world. Zarin has also been house-hunting in Paris, has a new reality show in the works and much more. This must see episode that will guarantee to get everyone talking.

A highly successful and sought-after reality television star, Jill has over one million fans following her life through social media channels. She appears regularly on a variety of national talk shows to address topics as diverse as politics, style, advice, and her Jill Zarin brand. Also renowned as a public speaker, she is called upon to address universities, major companies, international groups, and nonprofit organizations across the country. Her diligence and creativity as a businesswoman have been demonstrated in fashionable product lines –Skweez Couture Shapewear and Hosiery and Jill Zarin Jewelry. 

Jill wrote her best - selling book, Secrets of a Jewish Mother, along with her mother (Gloria Kamen) and sister (Lisa – host of The Lisa Wexler Show, a daily talk radio show) in 2010. Secrets is now in its third printing and has been translated into Japanese, Chinese and Russian.

 Skweez Couture, Jill’s line of luxurious yet affordable shapewear, tights and legwear unlike anything else on the market. Jill's brand of products are all solution based. Jill likes to solve everyday issues for women through her product lines. Currently available in major department stores including Lord & Taylor and Macy’s, her line is available through many specialty stores and online retailers as well. Skweez Couture offers a fresh, flattering, and much-needed take on women’s under-clothing. Jill listened to and acted on real women's frustrations about shapewear – from the lack of truly matching skin tones to the uncomfortable seam that often runs down the middle of the stomach. With great advice to guide her, she got rid of those useless seams, worked only with the finest most luxurious fabrics, and even made the pieces beautiful with a little lace. (Thanks to the “Sweet Cheeks” Seamless Shaping Boy Short, women nationwide are pulling on skinny jeans with pride!) 

 Jill’s first jewelry collection is influenced by her life in New York City (see the “NYC Signature Classics” collection) as well as her love of runway fashion and world travel. Jill was moved to design the full collection of beautiful, smart pieces to be versatile, high quality and easy to wear . With this fun yet elegant line, she intends to present impeccably stylish, current and completely wearable designs – all at a reasonable price point. 

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Photo By: RD/Kabik/Retna