Ace Of Cakes Car

NASCAR star Kasey Kahne unveiled his new No.5 Time Warner Cable Chevrolet alongside a life-size replica cake of the car, created by "Ace of Cakes" designer Duff Goldman - with actual spinning wheels and smoke.

Country music superstars Little Big Town put on a performance for over 500 VIPs and Time Warner Cable customers at Hendrick Motorsports in Charlotte, NC.


1. This is this first time Charm City Cakes used computer 3D modeling to perfectly sculpt a cake.

2. This is the first time Charm City Cakes has ever combined kinetic, fog machine and aural special effects.

3. Over 80 company logos were accurately reproduced on a one-to-one scale using painstakingly cutout, layered gum paste.

4. For the first time, Charm City Cakes created a monumental cake sculpture not structurally dependent on a larger base. Instead, they fabricated a custom-welded, concealed steel chassis that actually supports the entire car cake.

5. Since the bakery's 65" wide front doors are too narrow for the 74" wide car, Charm City Cakes sculpted and decorated the car cake as two separate, 16.5 foot long, mirrored halves. Once completed, these halves fit through the bakery’s front door one at a time, and were merged into one whole car again before the final presentation.

6. Completing the car cake took five full-time Charm City Cakes designers and decorators over two weeks of engineering, fabrication, carving and decoration.

7. Charm City Cakes used over 200 pounds of fondant and 30 pounds of gum paste to decorate the car.

8. The sculpture cake was entirely decorated using the ingredients and techniques for which Charm City Cakes is so well known. The car consists of cake, fondant and gum paste, supported by a non-edible structure that allowed it to be moved from the bakery in Baltimore all the way to Charlotte.