The following was sent to us by a reader who needs help
to support her favorite Rescue Shelter.


This picture is of the dog that changed my life! I rescued her but she rescued me! She is a one year old Australian Cattle Dog – what’s known as a Blue Heeler. She came to the Animal House Shelter in Huntley, Illinois, on a caravan of 90 animals, shipped from a KILL shelter in Alabama to the Chicago suburbs. She had been abused and while she had the sweetest little personality, she was downcast. If someone tried to pet her, she would cower. She was skittish and walked with her tail between her legs. I fell in LOVE with her at first sight. I had wanted a dog for a long time and here she was – brought right to me by the lady next door who was fostering her and her new puppies.

I adopted her and she is my best friend. I take her walking everyday and in doing so, my health has improved. She no longer cowers and is so happy and healthy. She is, like a new dog!

Please click on the link provided and vote for the Animal House Shelter in Huntley, Illinois so that they can win a charity contest from CHASE. The Animal House Shelter saves the LIVES of beautiful little souls. I am so blessed to have been given Matilda!

Please vote on Facebook for this shelter.....  

This Contest is over. You can make donations to this great shelter HERE....