In tomorrows issue of Page Six Magazine – free inside the New York Post tomorrow –Nets power forward—and Kim Kardashian’s infamous 72-day hubby—Kris Humphries explores his new Brooklyn ’hood and reflects on his past year. Currently embroiled in a fierce divorce battle with the ample-bottomed babe, Humphries says: “Some people just make bad decisions and you just know it’s not what’s meant to be. The decisions that you make, you obviously make for a reason. Everything in life for me has just been moving forward.”

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The dapper baller, who last year was voted the NBA’s most disliked player, is on an upswing and happily dishes on his personal style, future family goals and how unlikely Knicks hero Jeremy Lin became an even more unexpected pal during tough times on and off the court. “He’s been supportive of me, just in terms of the things that I’ve been through,” he says.

On being booed during a game at MSG last year:

“I got to experience the Knicks crowd, and that was, uh, pleasant. You know, it motivated me.”

On recent Tweets to Kim’s new beau Kanye: 

“I have a sense of humor. It’s whatever, I joke around. It was what it was. Take from it what you will.”

On playing the Knicks Nov. 1 for the Brooklyn Nets’ first game: 

“It’s going to be unbelievable. I think as players we have the pressure to win and entertain the fans. The first game, it’s going to be crazy. There will definitely be a lot of s**t talking. It’s always been a rivalry, and we’ll see how it’s going to change with us being so close.”

On his relationship with his new boss, Nets part-owner Jay-Z:

“I say hi when I see him. It’s been great having him involved, because he is Brooklyn.”

On starting a family:

“I think everyone wants a family of their own one day. You’re at the point in your life when all of your friends are married and stuff. For me, at least, everyone runs their own race. You can’t put a timetable on it.”

On his personal style:

“I think about my style as, like, London meets Italy—edgy but, you know, classic at the same time. I’ve been working with stylists. You don’t want to be looking like you just came out of a Big & Tall shop, you know.”

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Photo By: Peter Yang For Page Six