Robert Pattinson

Reese Witherspoon
Where in the world is Robert Pattinson? The unexpected answer, as revealed in the cover story of the new Us Weekly, is Reese Witherspoon's vacation house. The Twilight star has gone AWOL ever since he discovered that his longtime love Kristen Stewart cheated on him with director Rupert Sanders on July 17 (with Us Weekly first revealing the shocking pics July 24). False online reports claimed a U-Haul truck was spotted outside the L.A.-area home he shared with Stewart and that Pattinson had retreated to his native London to party with pals. The real story though? When the devastated Brit needed to get away from it all, his Water for Elephants costar Witherspoon offered up her tranquil, $7 million ranch in Ojai, Calif. As Pattinson attempts to relax chez Witherspoon, he is, according to another source, "a total mess . . . He's questioning everything." An "inconsolable" Stewart, meanwhile, has been reaching out via texts and phone calls. "She's dying to save the relationship. It's the only thing she cares about," a Stewart source says. Indeed, Pattinson, who fell for his Twilight costar nearly five years ago, "doesn't know what to do." says a concerned friend. 

 Janet Jackson

Michael Jackson
Also in this week’s issue of Us is a feature on the bizarre Jackson family situation. What went so awry with a family that seemed so supportive of each other? Ac­cording to multiple sources, the once doting Janet [Jackson], 46, is determined to wrest control of the pop legend’s estate — an estimated $1 billion fortune — from family matriarch Kather­ine. Allegedly enraged at being left out of Michael’s will, she and brothers Jer­maine, 57, and Randy, 50, and sister Rebbie, 62, re­cently hatched a plot to “prove Katherine unfit so they could take over,” says an insider. “It’s all greed.” On July 18, three days after Janet and her siblings whisked their 82-year-old mother off to the luxe Miraval Resort & Spa in Arizona, they publicly declared the will [of Michael Jackson] as “fake, flawed and fraud­ulent” and demanded that the estate’s lawyers step down. To add to the drama, they refused to tell Kather­ine’s three grandchildren where their legal guardian was. Two days later, the kids’ 34-year-old cousin TJ took the feud to court, where he was awarded temporary guardianship. As the children prepare for the upcoming school year, Katherine will file for joint guardianship with TJ as a safeguard. Although a source says Janet has asked for a “clear the air” meeting, the fight is not over. “Prince and Paris have asked to be kept away from most of their aunts and uncles,” says the source. “This has been a total disaster.”


The squabbling RHOBH duo can’t live under the same roof

 Adrienne Maloof

9021-oh, no. after 10 years of marriage and two seasons of nonstop onscreen bicker­ing, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof and her husband, plastic sur­geon Paul Nassif, are taking a time-out. On July 30 — the same day the Bravo reality series was due to wrap its third season — Nassif, 50, filed for legal separation, asking for joint custody of their sons, Gavin, 9, and 6-year-old twins Colin and Christian. “No one was cheating,” says a source close to the couple, whose woes will figure into RHOBH this fall. “It’s not a vindictive ‘I hate you’ situation. They grew apart.” Indeed, Maloof, 50, admitted to Us in May that she and Nassif, who recently launched a skincare line together, weren’t exactly romantic. “We have date night once a week,” she said, “but most of it is spent working on our products.” Still, the Palms heir­ess — worth an estimated $300 million — and Nassif, who have a prenup, aren’t quite ready to divorce. “They are getting professional help and trying to save their marriage,” says another in­sider. “But their relationship is very volatile. They are trying to do what’s best for their kids.”


 Queen Elizabeth II

Daniel Craig
Queen Elizabeth II is one bossy Bond girl! Before filming a 007-themed short alongside Daniel Craig, James Bond him­self, for the Olympics opening ceremony, the monarch, 86, issued a few royal decrees. “She would only do the scenes if she could choose her outfit!” says a source of the skit, which fea­tured Her Maj­esty in a peach frock designed by her dresser, Angela Kelly. She also had final say on the costars: her corgis Monty, 13, and Holly, 9, as well as her footman of 30 years, Paul Whybrew. Luckily, the film received the queen’s seal of approval. A royal spokesman tells Hot Stuff, “The queen was delighted to be involved in something so exceptional!”