The Rockets

The Rockets, a band formed over 40 years ago by Great Neck High School students, recently staged a reunion to raise funds for ovarian cancer research at Flower Hill Park in Manhasset, NY. The event was arranged by Liz Oppo, whose 19-year-old daughter, Katie Oppo of Manhasset, a pre-med student at Johns Hopkins University, died of the disease last year.

Following their high school days, the band members entered careers in a variety of non-musical professions. Organ/keyboard player Barry Douglas is a plastic surgeon at Garden City-based Long Island Plastic Surgical Group; Eric Kraus, on bass guitar, is an attorney in Manhattan; lead guitarist Ken Applebaum is an assistant district attorney in Queens; guitarist and vocalist Corey Bergman is retired but flew in from Florida for the show; percussionist/vocals Alan Pomerantz works with the Louis Armstrong House Museum in Queens; and drummer Daniel Pincus became a cantor in New York City.

The Rockets’ one-hour set featured songs by The Allman Brothers, Santana, The Band and other rock legends.

Photo Courtesy Of: Todd Shapiro Associates