The Art Of Kevin Berlin

With over 1000 in attendance, internationally renowned Artist Kevin Berlin made a dramatic entrance with "LIVE TIGERS!" hand painted by the artist, as the featured Opening Night art performance at ArtHamptons. Berlin's traveling painting exhibition "Tiger Training For Beginners" arrives direct from London to continue it's world tour: London, New York and Miami. The much larger than life oil on canvas paintings and accompanied performances are intended to raise awareness for the plight of the tiger in the wild. "There are only 3200 tigers left alive in the wild, the tiger faces extinction." says Berlin. Inspired by the Artists time spent at the Ukrainian National Circus in Kiev, the paintings also explore contemporary ideas such as "tigers at cocktail parties." Featured works include the monumental canvases "The Striped Dress," "Tiger In The House," and "Tiger in the Deep Interior of the Mind."

Presented by Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery the paintings and tigers will head to warmer weather at Art Miami in early December.

A portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as part of their tiger conservation efforts.

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 Photo Courtesy Of: Katarzyna Zill