Celeste Holm

Movie and Broadway legend Celeste Holm died today in New York City at 95 years old.

Celeste had been in the hospital around two weeks ago with dehydration after a fire in Hollywood star Robert De Niro's apartment in the same building on Central Park West. She had asked her husband Frank Basile to take her home, and she spent her final days with him, other relatives and close friends by her side.

I had photographed Celeste Holm many times early in my career as a celebrity photographer. She was always a star. The last time I photographed her, was around 5 years ago at her 90th birthday bash. Many stars were there to help her celebrate. There were whispers from all around the room about her having married the very young Frank Basile, almost half her age a few years earlier. But another classy old time star turned to me and said, " Celeste is lucky to have Frank, he takes great care of her. He dresses her and does all her makeup and makes her look like a star. He is very good to her."

Celeste Holm And Frank Basile

 I agree with that sentiment. Everyone told me how good Frank was to Celeste. I watched at the 90th birthday bash and he watched out for her like a hawk. It was Frank who took her everywhere and he kept Celeste active.

Celeste came from that old time Hollywood upbringing, where you acted with class on and off screen. At every event I went to and I saw Celeste, she was gracious and a star. She always posed for a photo and I think she even enjoyed doing this. Celeste Holm was a real star.