Dr. Theresa A. Deisher

According to the latest report from the Center for Disease Control for every 88 children born after the year 2000, we are losing 1 child to autism. For boys this is one in 54. With our current birth rate this CDC figure means we are losing 123 kids to this plague every 24 hours; 44,895 a year.

In the worst medical disaster in human history, the Spanish Flue pandemic, about 650,000 of this nation’s citizens died between 1917 and 1920 out of our population of 103,208,000 or .00654 %. The Autism epidemic is costing us over 1% of the population of our future, i.e. of every child born since 2000. But this pandemic is not killing these children, it is rendering most totally disabled, requiring the services of at least one other person to care for them for life, lives that can be expected to be of normal length. From a cost perspective, it is crippling and from a moral and national security perspective it demands our urgent attention. This is a national disaster that dwarf’s that of the Spanish Flu and indeed most of the disasters the human race has ever faced.

Almost all human disasters share the feature that a guardian ignored initial signs of trouble whether it be the Titanic’s captain ignoring ice warnings in the North Atlantic in April of 1913 or naval commanders ignoring unexplained radar blips approaching Pearl Harbor in 1941. In the case of autism, the agencies charged with protecting the public health are following this script.

For years parents have claimed that their babies progressed normally until they received a vaccine and that autism followed a precipitous loss of previously acquired skills. But as vaccines are a sacred cow on both sides of the political spectrum, any hint that the vaccine program may have some role in this disaster is not simply ignored but is deemed the ranting of the lunatic fringe. As a result no serious effort has been made to explore this obvious possibility. Indeed, any scientist who seeks to investigate this course of inquiry finds their grants cut off and their reputations destroyed.

Today, such a warning is authored by Dr. Theresa A. Deisher. She received her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Physiology at Stanford University in 1990 and spent her career in commercial biotechnology, working for some of the giants in the industry including Genentech and Amgen. She postulates that the use of human cells lines derived from aborted fetuses in the manufacture of vaccines is more likely than not the cause of the autism epidemic. Live human cell debris from that manufacturing process cannot be fully filtered out of the final product. This living debris includes fragments of DNA and fragments of a virus used in genetic engineering to cause gene insertions into a host target organism’s DNA, a process which changes a living organism. Thus, the vaccines manufactured using this process contain all the ingredients needed for uncontrolled genetic engineering. As researchers have now located no less than 300 mutations associated with autism, evidence of random, uncontrolled genetic interference is present in autistic children.

To check the possibility that these human cell line vaccines could be linked to autism, Dr. Deisher’s organization conducted statistical analysis of all the data bases they could find which tracked the onset of autism in various geographic areas. In each case they found that increases in the rate of autism were associated with the introduction of vaccines made using human cells to incubate the vaccine viruses.

In the autism omnibus cases in which the courts determined that autism was not linked to vaccines, much was made of the fact that MMR vaccine was in wide use in England and the United States before the huge increase in autism started. Thus, MMR was deemed to have nothing to do with the epidemic despite the fact that onset in thousands of cases followed receipt of the MMR vaccine. However, Dr. Deisher’s work shows that the increase in autism at issue is directly associated with the change in the manufacturing process used to produce MMR vaccine from using animal cell lines to using human fetal cells. Thus, the increase in autism began when MMR was replaced by MMR II in both England and in the United States. MMR II replaced MMR in the US between 1980-1983.

In 1995 varicella (chickenpox) vaccine was introduced, manufactured using the human cell method. There is an even larger spike in the increase of autism keyed to that introduction. Strikingly, varicella contains the highest level of contaminants of the fetal manufactured vaccines.

It is incredible that no one but Dr. Deisher’s group has explored these events, despite the fact that the FDA and CDC and pharmaceutical companies are well aware of the dangers of using human fetal cell lines. The FDA has debated these dangers for 50 years without appropriate safety studies, to paraphrase from an FDA authored publication on the topic. This ignorance is not due to the lack of tools available to follow the cause and effect of vaccines.

In 1990 the CDC began the Vaccine Safety Data Link, a computer link up of numerous HMO’s so that vaccine reactions could be monitored as needed. The system scrubs all information from the data which could identify a specific patient. Using the standardized billing codes it is theoretically possible to trace the medical records of all persons receiving a specific vaccination to positively determine the post vaccination history. Here we can be sure that the record is that of a person who actually got the vaccine.

Dr. Deisher’s group is now attempting to gain access to this data base so that they can test their initial study results. In addition to showing an association based upon a rise in autism generally associated with the introduction of a vaccine to the market, as is presently possible with less comprehensive data sets, the VSD data allows a study to identify the actual recipients of a vaccine and to then follow what happened thereafter. It can also show genetic background as it links parents and children. It can also compare the onset of autism between vaccinated and unvaccinated children. Despite compulsory vaccine programs there are always persons who refuse vaccination.

This capacity to compare vaccinated with unvaccinated persons is particularly useful for the varicella vaccine. Varicella was not required at the time of FDA approval in 1995 and thus, uptake was gradual. This has yielded large numbers of vaccinated and unvaccinated children, and allows a double blind study which is conspicuous by its absence from all “studies” of vaccine injuries.

It is shocking that this data has been available to the CDC since shortly after the VSD was created, and there have always been unvaccinated children to study due to religious objections etc. However, the VSD remains available and untouched.
Attorneys working with Dr. Deisher have sought access to the VSD data in a vaccine injury case within the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Of course the government is opposing access to this data claiming it would impose a burden on the Department of Health and Human Services as the agency claims the VSD can either not do the study desired or that it contains confidential information. It is questionable whether their objections are valid, however, if they are valid, then the contracts with the vendor in charge of the data and with each of the HMO’s have been ignored and a large amount of federal money has been wasted.

If the court will not order access, access can be gained by application to the CDC and all of the HMO’s who participate. This is a long and arduous process as any of the HMO’s can bar access. And as Dr. Deisehr’s staff seeks to comply with this morass of separate applications and different criteria, our nation will continue to lose 123 children per day to this disability.

To proceed with their study, Dr. Deisher’s group needs $600,000. With such funds they will immediately commence the out of court application process. If the Court acts, the process will simply shift to setting up the programs to do the study expeditiously. This is probably the most important study now being proposed on this planet. It has the potential for saving millions of children from this plague and saving the taxpayers billions in special education and custodial care costs, costs large enough to destabilize the nation.

Tax free contributions can be made to Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, at www.soundchoice.us or by US mail to P.O. Box 2247 Seattle, WA 98111. Dr. Deisher is a pro-life advocate, but this research resulted from but is now unrelated to her personal beliefs.