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Dr. Lloyd Landsman

Are you planning to undergo some nipping and tucking in 2011? Make sure you chose a competent surgeon and, most importantly, that you're communicating effectively. In response to the potential for doctor-patient miscommunication, Dr. Lloyd Landsman, a Long Island-based cosmetic surgeon, has created a simple but extraordinarily effective method of ensuring that both he and a patient seeking breast augmentation are on the same page.

The problem that most often arises, he says, is that for two people, cup sizes can mean different things to different people. And while some surgeons use graphics to render 3D images of a patients projected "after," these images aren't visceral.

Dr. Landsman's solution: filling nylon bags with rice (measured accordingly to the size implant a patient will need). After the patient puts these bags in her bra, they conform to the contours of her natural breasts and provide an extremely accurate approximation of how she will look post-opp.

Since employing this technique, 100% of his patients have been completely satisfied with their results, and the margin of doctor-patient miscommunication has been close to 0%. Although he says other surgeons use similar practices, no other cosmetic surgeon in the region does.


Santa Claus Visits Suffolk County

Arriving in a wreathed police car with sirens wailing, Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association President Jeff Frayler assumed the role of Santa Claus and, with the help of other Suffolk County police officers, distributed toys and other gifts to over 100 children with physical or mental disabilities. The event, called the Bob Krauss Memorial Children's Christmas Party, has been occurring annually for over 20 years and benefits special-needs kids in Suffolk County. After Santa personally delivered gifts to each of the children, the families enjoyed a catered lunch.

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Mike Bloomberg With NYC Taxi

It seems that in every futuristic movie produced, all the characters are wearing unitards. Since we have not arrived at the year 2050 yet, companies are dealing with today's fashions in their own way.

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission is considering making changes in the dress code for cab drivers. The revised code is expected to be approved at a public hearing next month. Currently, tube shirts, tank tops, opened toed sandals and bathing trunks are among the banned articles of clothing and sartorial scofflaws face a $25 fine. Why is this seemingly boring information so interesting? Read on!

According to the New York City Taxi Fact Book ,NYC cabbies,42,000 of them, transport 700,000 passengers per day. During a year’s time that means 25,550,000 people ride in a taxi. In the last 14 years, inspectors wrote just 46 tickets for dress code violations, Commission Chairman David Yassky said. So since 1996, there have been almost 358 million people who have ridden in a cab in NYC, yet there have been only 46 complaint violations issued. At the $25 fine paid, it means that NYC has collected the grand sum of only $1150 dollars from unkempt cab drivers!

How insane is the Commission to hold public hearings on an issue that is obviously so meaningless once someone looks at the numbers? The Commission will spend more in holding the hearings than they can ever hope to recover in fines, especially because they are planning to relax a lot of the rules—not make them stronger! They are looking to remove specific clothing that is banned.

The new dress code will be broader in language and simply state that drivers, “must present a professional appearance.” So if the stringent dress code produced only 3 to 4 violation a year, how many will a relaxed code produce? Duh! More infringements or less? Obviously, less. So why hold hearings? I guess the Commission has nothing better to do with their time.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Swiss Bank UBS has compiled a 43- page dress code booklet for its employees. It deals not only with fashion guidelines but hygiene and grooming as well.

I guess just telling a banker to present a professional appearance is not enough guidance because they obviously are not as smart as New York cabbies!

Some of the UBS Do's and Don'ts


For women:

• Wear your jacket buttoned.

• When sitting, the buttons should be unfastened.

• Make sure to touch up hair regrowth regularly if you color your hair.

For men:

• Store your suit on a large hanger with rounded shoulders to preserve the shape of the garment.

• Schedule barber appointments every four weeks to maintain your haircut shape.


• Eating garlic and onions

• Smoking or spending time in smoke-filled places

• Wearing short-sleeved shirts or cuff links

• Wearing socks that are too short, showing your skin while sitting

• Touching up perfume during or after lunch break

• Using tie knots that don't match your face and/or body shape

• Do not wash, nor ever iron your shirts yourself.

Editors Note: My readers knew this was coming. The New York City Taxi And Limousine Commission is a waste of taxpayer money. They do nothing. They make these useless laws, then throw press conferences touting how good they are doing their job, and none of the laws are enforced. Look at the Westin Hotel across the street from me. The taxi drivers bribe the doorman there for a airport fare. They throw on their off duty lights and sit there, sometimes hours at a time. They double park, triple park and create huge traffic jams, yet after dozens of complaints from me and other tenants in this building, the Taxi and Limousine Commission does nothing. People go up to the taxi's and ask to be taken somewhere, and they are denied. This is illegal yet the Taxi And Limousine Commission refuses to even go to the Westin and see for themselves. They refuse to take the time to see how many cab drivers are breaking the law.

Tomorrow night will be a horror getting a taxi in New York City. Last year, I ended up walking home as every taxi that stopped illegally asked me where I was going, then quoted me a price five times more than allowed. It is against the law to ask anyone where they are going, they have to take you anywhere in the five boroughs, no questions asked. They also have to use the meter and are not allowed to charge anything more. But tomorrow night, while the employees of the Taxi And Limousine Commission are out getting drunk, the citizens and the visitors of New York City will be getting taken for a ride. We will be overcharged, denied a ride and ripped off with no consequence's for the drivers.

The Taxi And Limousine Commission has been a useless agency for many years now. They will tout a taxi driver finding a envelope full of money and returning it, but no one will talk about all the taxi drivers that find thousands of items a month and never return them. One case a few weeks ago, a friend of mine, who's brother in law used to be the President Of The United States, left her Mink Stole in a taxi. She came running into this event and told several of us that she left her stole in the cab. Everyone was saying to her to call the Taxi And Limousine Commission and the driver would turn it in. How foolish they all were. I told her like it was. I said that taxi driver just stole your stole....... As far as I know, she never got it back.

Unless there is real enforcement of the laws of New York City, things will only get worse. The NYC Taxi And Limousine Commission is useless. The drivers know this, so they will break every law and not care one bit. The Taxi And Limousine Commission needs to be disbanded and another agency needs to be formed that will do the job that these high paying bureaucrats will not do.

All taxi's now have GPS. It would be in the best interest of New York City to get a computer program to track every single cab. You would be able to tell when they have their off duty lights on, so they only get airport fares from the hotels. You would also be able to track their meters, so you know when they are cheating the customer. You would also have the ability to prove customer complaints about a driver, as the record will show where they were at the time of the violation.


Always jump into the taxi. Do not let the driver ask you where you are going before you get into the taxi. It is against the law for drivers to ask where you are going, until you are in the taxi. They have to take you anywhere in the five boroughs and they can not deny you. If they deny you, report them here. You can also call 311 from any phone and report them. If you got the time, refuse to leave the taxi and call the police. You will get a notice of a hearing to testify about the violations. If you can't make it, you still got your revenge. The driver will have to show up anyway and you made him take time off from ripping off the people of the city. Also, do not tell the Taxi And Limousine Commission you can not show, unless you want to schedule another date. Make the driver lose a days work. The case may be thrown out, but you made the driver lose a days wages. Revenge my friends.

Always get a receipt. If you had a problem with a driver, a receipt will prove you were in the taxi. If you flag a taxi and he asks you where you are going and then denies you service, write down the taxi number and call 311 to report right away. If you are from out of town, 311 will ask you if you will come back to testify. Tell them yes, even know you have no plans to return.


You can read all the rules by clicking here. Everything from the driver not being allowed to refuse fares, to the driver not being allowed to talk on a cell phone or radio. Fight back. Start reporting every single driver who does not obey the law.

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Rita Cosby With Tomazcek Bednarek

Ed Callaghan With Ian Miller

John And Margo Catsimatidis With Rita Cosby,
Jean Shafiroff And Tomaczek Bednarek

The Festive Party

Rita Cosby With James Edstrom

Francine LeFrak With Jean Shafiroff,Tomaczek Bednarek,
Marek Skulimowski, Sara Herbert Galloway, Margo Catsimatidis
And Rita Cosby

Just before heading off with her family for a holiday in South Beach, much loved philanthropist Jean Shafiroff hosted an elegant Holiday luncheon to celebrate the birthdays of two of her dear friends - author and broadcast journalist Rita Cosby and PR guru Edward Callaghan in a posh private dining club overlooking the city.

Sipping bubbly while admiring the sweeping view of Central Park were Francine LeFrak, Margo & John Catsimatidis, Donna Soloway, Sara Herbert Galloway, Lorraine Cancro, Pernilla Avital.,’s James Edstrom, marketer Ian Miller and partner “W”, society scribe Tom Gates, syndicated columnist & radio personality Dr. Judy Kuriansky and Deputy Consul General The Republic of Poland, Marek Skulimowski.

With the help of Rita’s best guy Tomaczek Bednarek, the menu featured “tribute dishes” named for each of the attendees. There was Marek’s Warsaw Uprising salad in honor of the Deputy Consul General; Lorraine’s PTSD Pasta Primavera Judy’s chicken paillard with Psycho mango, Tomaczek’s melodically crazed chocolate cake – well, you get the picture.

Truly into the holiday spirit and in no hurry to leave, guests lingered over their Champagne and nibbled on the homemade cookies Callaghan had made for each to take home. As this was a group of New York doers talk conversation ranged from Ms. Cosby’s best selling book, “Quiet Hero: Secrets From My Father’s Past” to Ms. Cancro’s efforts to raise visibility for victims of post traumatic disorder to Ms. Shafiroff’s work with the New York Women’s Foundation in empowering disadvantaged women.


Robert Funaro

VAN EATON AT PALM WEST – Last week we spotted Apple Records’ Lon Van Eaton at the Palm West on 50th street, dining with Robert Funaro from HBO’s The Sopranos. Lon’s song (with his brother Derek) “Sweet Music” appears on the just-out Apple compilation Come And Get It. Apple Records of course, was the record label started in the early 70’s by The Beatles. All their releases (45’s and albums) were original available only on vinyl, so this set is the first ever collection available on CD. It’s great to hear such tracks as “Those Were The Days” from Mary Hopkin; “Day After Day” from Badfinger; and, the terrific “That’s The Way God Planned It” from Billy Preston. He’s also represented by the song “My Sweet Lord” that shows him to be a terrific stylist and performer; check out his riveting performance on the live-DVD version of The Concert For Bangla Desh (August 1, 1971). Sad that Preston, who passed away in 2006 at age 59, achieved some notoriety, but never the degree he should have; he’s positively terrific here. Our colleague Roger Friedman had a fabulous take on Preston earlier this week in his column. Van Eaton, who hails from Trenton, New Jersey, was in town for the David Lynch event, as well as several interviews and preparation for a series of auditions for his forthcoming presentation, titled Livies. The concept is a new multi-media venture presentation. Says Van Eaton about the concept: “Imagine a theater of breathtaking high definition images immersed in surround sound. The performances are projected onto awe-inspiring high definition realities. You don’t have to imagine it … it is here!” Check out his site here. He also had a live performance at The Record Collector in Jersey; ironically his first gig in more than a decade and his first solo show ever. At the Palm, with his PR-man David Salidor hovering nearby, he also said he’d love to do a new record as well. “I’ve got what I feel is some terrific material. The business is certainly a lot different these days for sure, but the opportunities are fantastic too.” He had the album Brother on Apple, and, a follow up on A&M Records called Who Do You Outdo.


Stan Lee

SPIDEY SENSE – It seems to this comic-book-inspired writer that this Spider Man show, Turn Off The Dark … is, despite being mired in some rather precarious situations, getting some spectacular press. Actually, the caliber of press that a producer would pay dearly for! You know the old adage: Any press is good press as long as they spell your name right! Besides the Julie Taymor; Bono; and, The Edge connections; there’s also producer Michael Cohl, who for years was a master concert promoter bar none. He promoted many, many tours for the likes of The Rolling Stones and, U2, using tremendously creative strategies for the press and general promotion. I think it’s safe to say: he generated visibility and promotional like never before for his acts. In other words: he’s sold tickets! Now, I don't mean to say he’s taken advantage of any of these accident-situations, but, let’s just say, he’s done his best to publicize it in every way possible; from getting the theater community involved in a major way, to even getting several government agencies involved. Also, there’s theater-sage Michael Riedel from the New York Post. Another media critic has gone on the record as saying that Riedel’s current-mission is to close this show. Why I don't think that’s particularly true (Riedel’s a fair and reasonable guy!); he’s taken every opportunity to get the word out. In this media-savvy age … one has got to do what one can do! As a Spidey-fan from way back (anyone remember Johnny Romita?) I loved the three movies on him, featuring Tobey MacGuire and Kirsten Dunst, and really appreciated how close the movie makers stayed true to the source material in each one; always a point of contention with the modern day comic-con audience. The play, which I've not yet seen, features several new characters and from what I'm gathering does change the Spidey-bible somewhat by introducing several new characters. One person we've yet to hear from (and, I'm quite sure we will be the play’s opening on February 7) is creator Stan Lee. Rest assured he’s already been contacted, been somewhat muzzled, and is prepping his comments for opening night. Actually, I'm a big fan of Taymor’s and can't wait to see it. Bring on The Green Lantern!


Ben Affleck

AFFLECK, AFFLECK – One more movie-thought before this year runs out is the fact that Ben Affleck’s movie this year The Town was pretty perfect is every way. From the taut directing; the tight, tight script by Affleck and Peter Craig; and the sensational casting choices, including Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, and Blake Lively … it fired on all cylinders. In fact, I'd rate Hamm’s performance as his best yet! It’s rather shocking that the movie was pretty much ignored in many of the year-end award nominations; but, let me say right now, this definitely deserves to be in the Top Five; it was that good.

Photos By: RD/Bergman/Kirkland/Gershoff/Kabik/Retna



Moda Restaurant

WHAT: Indulge in New Year’s Eve at MODA Restaurant

WHERE: Flatotel

135 West 52nd Street

New York, NY

(212) 887-9880

INCLUDES: Prix Fixe Three Course Meal

Complimentary Round of Champagne included with Dinner

MENU: Featured Appetizers include:

· Spicy Sausage with Polenta Cake and Red Pepper Sauce

· Cherry Tomato & Tortellini Salad with Fresh Basil

Featured Entrées include:

· Lobster & Shrimp with Sherry Cream Sauce

· Angus Prime Rib with Gravy & Creamy Horseradish

Featured Desserts include:

· Homemade Chocolate Torte with Whipped Cream & Berries

· Caramel Cheesecake with Whipped Cream & Berries

TIME: 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM

(reservations required)

COST: $89 per person

$45 for children ages 10 and under

(price does not include tax & gratuity / 18% service charge will be automatically added to parties of 6 or more)

HOTEL RATES: Room rates from $425 per night over the New Year’s Holiday

(room rates are based on availability)

Hotel Chantelle with Stars from HBO’s Hit Show Boardwalk Empire

Hotel Chantelle

WHAT: Ring In the New Year 2011 at Hotel Chantelle with Stars from HBO’s Hit Show Boardwalk Empire

WHERE: 92 Ludlow Street

(between Delancey & Broome Streets)

New York, NY

(212) 254-9100

INCLUDES: INCLUDES: Themed 1920s fête

Live Performance by World-Renowned DJs

Reserved Tables Available

· Includes 2 Bottles

· For up-to-12 guests

TIME: 8:00PM to 4:00AM

COST: General Admission / $25 per person

Reserved Table / $400

Saturday January 1, 2011

Ravel Hotel

Saturday January 1, 2011

WHAT: Hangover Brunch at Penthouse808 at Ravel Hotel

WHERE: The Ravel Hotel

8-08 Queens Plaza South

Long Island City, NY

(718) 289-6101

INCLUDES: Hangover Brunch

New Year’s Day Dinner

MENU: Regular á la carte offerings and pre-fixed dishes served with a few traditional holiday specials

TIME: Hangover Brunch NOON to 4:00PM

Dinner 5:00PM to 10:00PM

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Hamptons

Friday, December 31, 2010

Southampton Inn's Winter Beauty

WHAT: New Year’s Eve Gala Hamptons Style Southampton Inn with Seasons of Southampton

WHERE: Southampton Inn

91 Hill Street

Southampton, NY

(800) 832-6500 / (631) 283-6500

INCLUDES: For guests seeking a great deal for a New Year’s getaway, an overnight stay at the Southampton Inn will include a welcome reception in the library; and a decadent five-course meal, open bar, champagne toast, music, dancing, at Seasons of Southampton. New Year’s Day, enjoy an elaborate breakfast buffet at the Southampton Inn and late check-out (2:00PM). Not just for couples, the getaway is perfect for any friends or family escape!

4:00PM to 6:00PM: Welcome Reception in the Library at the Southampton Inn. Beer, wine and light snacks will be served.

8:30 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.: A Five Course Dinner with Full Premium Open Bar at Seasons of Southampton includes:

· Polar Ice Lounge with Ice Bars and Luges

· Dancing with a DJ on a huge dance floor and special lighting.

· Plasma TVs throughout showing the dropping of the ball.

· Champagne Toast at Midnight

· Beautiful Décor and Fun Props

Transportation to-and-from the Southampton Inn and Seasons of Southampton will be provided throughout the evening.

ABOUT SOUTHAMPTON INN: Southampton Inn has 90 uniquely decorated guest rooms each outfitted with Tempur Pedic® mattresses. The Inn features a library with fireplace and festive music and a game room with toys and activities for the children. Southampton Inn is also pet-friendly (only 14 of the 90 guestrooms apply with additional fee per pet).

Southampton Inn accepts AAA, AARP and other discounts during the winter months (check with front desk for more information). The location is under two hours from New York City which is accessible through the Hampton Jitney, LIRR, and Hampton Luxury Liner. It is also within walking distance of charming Southampton Village.

COST: New Year’s Eve Package

$440 per couple for the overnight package (plus tax and gratuity for all)

$159 for additional room night added to package

$199 for the overnight room rate for New Year’s Eve, without party

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in South Beach

Friday, December 31, 2010

Metropole Hotel

WHAT: Celebrate the New Year with Actress Sasha Grey at The Catalina Hotel & Beach Club

WHERE: 1732 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach, FL

(877) 762-3477

HOSTED BY: Actress Sasha Grey


INCLUDES: General Admission: Lavish Dinner and Live New Year’s Eve 2011 countdown. All inclusive access to each of the hotel’s 3 buildings, open bar, endless food and live music all night

Open Bar: Vodka ice luge and specialty cocktails

Endless Food Stations: Three separate delicious dinner food stations, gourmet sushi, and decadent desserts.

Live Music: The buildings will each feature a line-up with their own musical acts including the sounds of The Spam All Stars on the front terrace of The Catalina’s Maxine’s Bar & Bistro, the best of old school hip hop at Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi and ‘80s groove in the red bar.

Guests can lounge indoors at any of the hotel’s three bars or outside on one of the hotels two terraces, which include a newly renovated rooftop pool & bar or the bamboo pool lounge.

VIP: Rooftop cabana for up to 6 guests with an all access pass to all open bars and lavish dinner buffet; includes one bottle of premium AVION Tequila and a bottle of champagne.

ITEMS OF INTEREST: At midnight, there will be a complimentary champagne toast as Sasha Grey rings in the New Year with guests. Grey will then give a special performance as she demonstrates her turntable skills at The Maxine’s.

TIME: Open bar from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Doors not closing until 7:00 a.m., January 1, 2011

COST: General Admission / $95.00

VIP / $900.0

December 22, 2010 to January 5, 2011

WHAT: South Beach Group Offers Holiday Prices

WHERE: Various Locations
Miami Beach, FL

(877) 762-3477

HOTELS: Hotel Shelley

The South Beach Group story started in 1997 with Hotel Shelley, which married comfort and style with affordability. The unpretentious atmosphere with lush lounge chairs, nightly open bar, verdant verandah, and quick walk to the beach made Hotel Shelley quickly popular. Those looking for luxury amenities found what they were looking for as well, with ultra-cozy beds in all rooms and in-room Jacuzzi’s included in their King Suites.

844 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL
(305) 531-3341

Metropole Hotel

The chic Metropole Hotel is getting the most attention lately, as the host of MTV’s hit show Jersey Shore: Miami. The cool condo-style one and two bedroom suites invite guests to feel at home without taking them away from the excitement of the South Beach experience. The tropical courtyard lets guests soak up the sun with privacy, and the Kohler® rain showers in their marble bathrooms allow guests to refresh after a long day at the beach.

635 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL
(305) 672-0009

Whitelaw Hotel & Lounge

The Whitelaw Hotel & Lounge received the “Best Architectural Rehab” award for its white furniture and pink walls complete with hand-painted artwork. Add to that the inclusive perks of a free daily airport shuttle, beach towels and club passes, and it’s no wonder that the Whitelaw Hotel was welcomed into the South Beach Group family.

808 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL
(305) 398-7000

The Catalina

The Catalina is unique in that each room fits the mood of a specific traveler. Those with agoraphobia, a low budget, or the urge to feel like a Rock Star will all feel at home here. The Catalina also has rooms for those who don’t want to skimp on comfort, need an “El Grande” amount of space, or just needing somewhere quiet to work while on a business trip.

1732-1756 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL

(305) 674-1160

The Chesterfield Hotel & Suites

Known as the South Beach Group’s wild and trendy haunt, The Chesterfield Hotel fuses with the quaint and charming The Lily-Leon to provide any guest with a decadent getaway that offers complete privacy. The spa, outdoor lounges, and discreet indoor “Love Shack” bar mix the best of both worlds, allowing the traveler to feel wild and discreet at the same time.

855 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL
(305) 531-5831

Sunbrite Apartments

For those who wish to extend a stay in South Beach, the apartment-style accommodations at the Sunbrite Apartments properties were designed with you in mind. The rooms can be rented monthly, and they give you every reason to extend your stay. Their contemporary design accented in warm cream colors and dark wood is sure to put your mind instantly at ease. The studio or one-bedroom loft-like quarters are each equipped with a fully functional gourmet kitchen and top of the line appliances so guests can leave all of their worries behind.

1330 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL
(305) 532-7025

Riviera South Beach

The Riviera melds the classic sophistication of the 1940s and contemporary chic for a luxurious escape. The rooms are more than just eye-candy, with amazing amenities to please even the most discerning traveler. Pillow top custom beds made from 100% organic cotton, terry cloth robes, floor to ceiling silk draperies, and custom designed wood and ivory tufted leather furniture all promise to pamper. Gourmet kitchens, separate living and dining areas and oversize bathrooms make this boutique hideaway extremely relaxing, no matter how hard you party at the famous nightclubs located nearby.

2000 Liberty Avenue
Miami Beach, FL
(305) 538-7444

Tradewinds Hotel Apartment

The Tradewinds Apartment & Hotel, the newest addition to the South Beach Group, draws from the best Miami Beach hotels to create a haven of relaxation and ultimate comfort amidst the daytime sunshine and nightlife glamour. These amazingly, fully furnished luxury accommodations offer immaculate design and the ultimate beach location. Designed for the long term traveler in mind, Tradewinds feature 160 luxuriously appointed one-bedroom and studio suites anxiously waiting to be your next home-away-from-home.

2365 Pinetree Drive

Miami Beach, FL

(305) 531-6795

OFFER: 10% off all already reduced priced hotels; includes a room type upgrade

Available to book online / 10% off lowest rate

Promotion Code: “INSIDER”


Smart Celler

From seasoned connoisseurs to less-in-the-know patrons in search of a fine wine to pair with their dish, making a selection from the lengthy, leather-bound traditional wine list may often prove to be a daunting task for restaurant patrons. Enter SmartCellarsm. The brainchild of transaction services company, Incentient, LLC, SmartCellarsm has developed a unique approach to displaying a wine list, which has attracted the likes of such Celebrity Chefs and Restaurateurs as Todd English (Olives in New York City), Wolfgang Puck (Cut in Las Vegas, NV), Gordon Ramsey (Claridge’s in London), just to name a few. Tony May’s SD26 in New York City was the first to employ the exciting software; most recently, SmartCellarsm began working with 360 Restaurant at The CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario.

Rather than the traditional printed list, SmartCellarsm is a fully customizable software for the Apple iPad® that displays the complete wine and cocktail menus, featuring up-to-date detailed descriptions, backgrounds and ratings of the labels offered by the restaurant. Patrons can browse, via the device’s easy-to-understand touch-pad links, for wines by name, region, varietal and price; guests can even view an up-close image of the wine bottle’s label. In tandem with the restaurant’s desires, guests may also have the option to order food via SmartCellarsm, view upcoming promotions at the eatery, and/or consider suggested wine pairings according to the dishes ordered.

The sommelier can use SmartCellarsm as a tool to educate guest, or guests can order directly from the lightweight handheld device. The software is configured to each individual restaurant; accordingly its design is an extension of the client’s brand, featuring complementary colors, imagery and logos. As SmartCellarsm functions completely independently of any pre-existing software, integration is seamless. In addition to being a chic, tech savvy addition to the restaurant experience, SmartCellarsm provides valuable data to its clientele— reporting functions give detailed feedback to management to monitor what is selling and what wine guests are ordering most. In addition, an efficient and robust CMS interface allows clients to eliminate printing and production costs for menus and special sheets. Once installed by Incentient, LLC, the restaurant’s management team is able to personally alter the offerings of the restaurant via an easy-to-navigate private log-in site, as needed.

Wine enthusiasts, raise your glass to a new kind of dining experience…cheers!

About Incentient, LLC:

Incentient, LLC provides services for hospitality venues including restaurants, sport and entertainment arenas and wine cellars. By creating and maintaining creative hardware and software solutions, Incentient exclusively unites clients to their customers by adding value to the supply chain experience. In addition to SmartCellarsm, Incentient has developed the SmartTouchsm system - a glass touch-screen panel, utilizing proprietary software that encourages guests to control their hospitality experience from within the security of their rooms (this includes, though is not limited to: Room Service, Valet, Concierge, Housekeeping, Bellman, Restaurants, and Spa). This patent-pending operating environment is currently being marketed throughout the United States. Incentient exclusively unites the clients to their customers by adding value to the supply chain experience. This program is currently being marketed throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

About the Founders:

Before starting Incentient, LLC, Patrick J. Martucci founded United Asset Coverage, Inc (UAC) and served as its Chairman and CEO from January 1997 to February 2007. With his leadership the company ranked #24 on the INC 500 list of fastest growing companies in the US. Jennifer Martucci heads Incentient's product direction from application design through final production of Beta software and hardware platforms. Jennifer Martucci served as founder and Chief Executive Officer of GPSTracks, LLC from 2001 to 2006 and also served as a strategic consultant to Pfizer Corporation from 2006 to 2008.


John Tsunis With The Deity Girls

The Holiday Inn Express Stony Brook held a Holiday Reception and Business Networking Event to celebrate the grand opening of its newest art gallery exhibit. A couple hundred business leaders turned out to have the first look at the exhibit. John Tsunis, the hotel's owner, served as the evening's host.

The Holiday Inn Express is the only hotel on Long Island to feature an art gallery in its lobby. The first exhibit opened in October, with over 500 business, community and civic leaders attending the grand unveiling. The new exhibit showcases the work of Smithtown's Ruth Johnson and Centereach's Rita Swanteson. The art, which depicts landscapes and iconic buildings on Long Island, will be viewed and available for purchase by the tens of thousands of guests who visit the hotel each year.

The event was sponsored by Emma's Deity, a new brand of certified organic, kosher and decaffeinated tea, with two beautiful Deity Girls on hand for the event.


2011 New York City Firefighters Calendar

Everyone loves a man in uniform, and tonight the women of NYC will be coming out in droves to meet the hottest ones, as New York City's sexiest firefighters will be strutting their stuff for over 200 fans. The 2011 New York City Firefighters Calendar Unveiling Reception will take place on Wednesday, December 29th from 6-9 PM to benefit the City Burn Center at Spa Martier, located at 1014 Second Avenue (between 53rd and 54th Streets) in Manhattan. New York's hottest and bravest firemen, each representing one month of the year, will be signing copies of the Official 2011 New York City Firefighters Calendar.

Martier is a high end boutique, full-service spa and café with two expansive floors. They organized the calendar launch reception to assist in raising funds for the FDNY and City Burn Center. There will be complimentary spa treatments given at the celebration.



Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Kathy Posner

Good morning, students. Today we will discuss the economic law of supply and demand (S&D) and correlate that to whether admission should be charged at The Taste of Chicago.

The theory of S&D is very easy to understand. It is an economic model that determines that the price of something in a competitive market will vary until it reaches the point where the quantity demanded by consumers, at a particular price point, will equal the quantity supplied by the producer at that same price. That results in economic equilibrium.

The four basic laws of supply and demand are:

( source:Microeconomics By Besanko & Braeutigam)

1. If demand increases and supply remains unchanged then higher equilibrium price and unchanged quantity.

2. If demand decreases and supply remains the same then lower equilibrium price and unchanged quantity.

3. If supply increases and demand remains unchanged then lower equilibrium price and higher quantity.

4. If supply decreases and demand remains the same then higher price and lower quantity

A simple example would be pricing for a dozen eggs. If a store charges $3.00/dz. and only gets only a few customers, they lower the price to $2.50/dz. and demand increases. When consumers increase the quantity demanded at a given price, it is referred to as an increase in demand. Increased demand can be represented on the graph as the curve being shifted to the right.

If the demand decreases, then the opposite happens: a shift of the curve to the left. The quantity supplied at each price is the same as before the demand shift, reflecting the fact that the supply curve has not shifted; but the equilibrium quantity and price are different as a result of the change (shift) in demand.

Students, you may now take a short break as I prepare for the second part of the lecture. Please watch this very funny video about economics that will help you understand this lecture.

For those who left the room, thank you for returning to class so promptly.

We will apply what we have just learned in a discussion about an event, The Taste of Chicago, and six other lakefront festivals. The City of Chicago has lost nearly $7 million in the past three years running these events.

In earlier years, The Taste was very successful. According to the Sun-Times, in 2008, it “generated $14.4 million in (food) ticket sales, $2.4 million in sponsorship fees and gross revenues of $17.3 million. After expenses, it showed a profit of $2.5 million. One year later, Taste lost $1.5 million after expenses. Ticket sales had dropped to $11.8 million. Sponsorship was down to $1.7 million.”

Because Chicago is broke, Mayor Daley has changed his tune about opposition to admission fees for this free event and City Hall has issued an RFP for bids for outside companies to run the summer festivals.

The Sun-Times said, “In a question-and-answer form distributed to prospective bidders, the city was asked whether producers would be ‘allowed to charge admission to all or parts’ of Taste and six other events: Viva Chicago and Blues, Jazz, Celtic, Country and Gospel Fests.

The city replied, ‘Ideally, these festivals would remain free. But, respondents should submit responses that include recommendations on the economic model, which can include an entrance fee.’ “

Back to our supply and demand lesson. If less people are attending festivals when they are FREE, what economic model would show more people attending if they had to PAY? None that this professor can think of!

The solution to the woes of the money-losing festivals is a lesson for another day, but it is simply if expenses are more than revenue, one must cut expenses to show a profit! What a novel idea. I wonder why Chicago economists haven’t figured that out!

Class is now over. See you next week when we discuss under-funded pensions. Please read pages 50-100 of your text book.

Read more from Kathy Posner Here.....

Monday, December 27, 2010


Teena Marie

TEENA REMEMBERED – Along with the joy of the Holidays always comes some bad: R&B wunderkind Teena Marie (aka Christine Marie Brockert) passed over the weekend due to a grand mal seizure. Known as The Ivory Queen of Soul Marie, she was 54 and has left a lasting influence on many of today’s contemporary artists. R&B songwriting duo Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff, said in a statement, “We’re shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Teena Marie. She was one of the most memorable, soulful and unique R&B vocalists to come out of Motown. We send our condolences to Teena’s family, the entire Motown family and of course, our dear friend Berry Gordy.” Though Marie was white, she was fully revered and fully immersed herself in black culture and in turn was respected and adored by black audiences, not only for her immense soulful talents, but for her inner soul as well. “Overall my race hasn’t been a problem; I’m a Black artist with White skin. At the end of the day you have to sing what’s in your own soul,” the artist told Essence magazine last year, while promoting her then-forthcoming album Congo Square (Stax Records); which would be her last. Of course, her biggest hits were the songs, “Lovergirl,” “Square Biz” and the blazing duet “Fire and Desire” sung with her mentor Rick James. As we end the year, let’s also recognize one last time some of the larger than life music personalities we’ve lost along the way: Clay Cole; Captain Beefheart; Solomon Burke; Ben Keith; Malcolm McLaren; Alex Chilton; Marvin Isley; Bernie Williams/Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes; and Kate McGarrigle.


Jake Gyllenhaal

GRIT AND GYLLENHALL – On our weekend away we managed to catch two of the bigger movies around Joel and Ethan Coen’s True Grit; and, Love and Other Drugs with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. I’ve been a fan of the Coen brothers since their Barton Fink (1991) and Fargo (1996); and, really fell in love with their No Country For Old Men (2007). Debbie Gibson, of all people, even recorded something for their Naked Man movie in 1998. This re-imagining of the wonderful lovely Charles Portis novel is really exceptional in almost every way. From the very first shot to the last, they’ve really made a rather poetic and romantic movie. Jeff Bridges is superb in the role of Rueben ‘Rooster’ Cogburn ; a Texas-Marshall-for-hire’; and, the 14-year old Hailee Steinfeld, who plays the titular role of Mattie Ross, who hires the Marshall to find the killer of her father is a standout. Matt Damon and Josh Brolin have somewhat smaller roles, but the quartet is terrifically stellar. The scenes shot amid a star-decked sky are nothing short of amazing; I thought for a moment I was watching something out of Lord of the Rings. This isn’t a perfect movie; but, it’s pretty damn close. 3 Bullets out of four! I’ve been a fan of Gyllenhaal’s - enjoying him in previous movies like Brokeback Mountain, Zodiac and Jarhead, but, in this latest one, pumped up and bulked up, he emerges as a leading man and is simply sensational. Anne Hathaway has always been a formidable actress and the pairing is just spot-on perfect. Her roles in The Devil Wears Prada and Becoming Jane were just stirring and totally compelling. Here, she’s comes on like gangbusters and while you think for a brief moment that she’ll wipe the floor with her co-star … it’s a match made in heaven. Kudos to a personal favorite of mine Oliver Platt … he almost steals the movie is his key scenes. Worth seeing for sure.


Mark Bego With Mary Wilson And Ken Dashow

Ken Dashow/Q104.3 -- I’d been listening to WPLJ for months, but two weeks ago dialed up our old friend Ken Dashow on Q104.3 and have been there ever since. Ken started on the historic WNEW-FM back in the day alongside Scott Muni; and, he’s learned his lessons well. His show runs like a well-oiled machine and his musical choices are so spot-on perfect. Sure, there’s the occasion Doobie Brothers track and maybe a tad too much Pink Floyd; but, where else is one going to hear Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along The Watchtower” and so much Beatles music? For this writer, most of these songs I grew up with … so, to hear them again is a big bonus. We’ve also got to give a shout out to their morning-man Jim Kerr, who now that I think about it, always sounded great too.


Angel Porrino

Scott Thompson AKA Carrot Top

Terry Fator And Taylor Makakoa

Criss Angel

Men Of Thunder From Down Under


Paul Shortino

Ron Jeremy

Anthony Cools With Guest

Recycled Percussion

Laura Croft

Laura Croft along with Recycled Percussion, Angel Porrino, Terry Fator, Taylor Makakoa, Criss Angel, Sisqo, Paul Shortino, Ron Jeremy and many more celebrities attended Carrot Top's 5th anniversary celebration at the Luxor in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Photos By: RD / Kabik / Retna Digital