Quiet Hero

Mitzi Perdue With Dr. Robert Cancro And Rita Cosby

Rita Cosby With Tomaczek Bednarek

Jean Shafiroff With Rita Cosby

Eric Roitsch

Super hostess Mitzi Perdue had a powerful party to help draw attention to a serious issue plaguing tens of millions of Americans… anxiety disorder. The International Committee Against Mental Illness, spearheaded by Dr. Robert Cancro, Chairman Emeritus of NYU Langone’s Department of Psychiatry, with the help of his niece Lorraine Cancro, MSW and writer for Exceptional Parent Magazine, created a new division to raise awareness for those who suffer from anxiety disorders and to help guide them on the road to recovery. That includes promoting alternative treatment methods other than medication. They hope to develop and test lifestyle changes, which can bring the person back to better balance.

Award-winning TV News Star Rita Cosby was named the spokesperson for the newly launched United Stress Disorders Association who’s goal is to educate and help prevent future anxiety cases in civilians and members of the military who often suffer severe “angst and anxiety” episodes after traumatic experiences on the battlefield. Cosby’s own father suffered “Shell Shock” (now termed PTSD) as a resistance fighter and prisoner of war in WWII and didn’t discuss his own harrowing ordeal until recently in his daughter’s highly acclaimed book called, “Quiet Hero: Secrets From My Father’s Past.” The journalist known for her tough as nails interviewing style was emotional as she discussed her father’s painful physical and mental journey and her mission now to support others and their family members who show symptoms of PTSD.

Those in attendance included 9/11 rescuers, military servicemen, police officers, judges and some of America’s top psychiatric experts including Dr Judy Kuriansky, Russell Daisey, National Guardsman Eric Roitsch and Jean Shafiroff. For more information about the United Stress Disorders Association call (212) 263-5744 or go to

Photos By: James Edstrom