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Tara Conner

Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Tara Conner were at "The Girls of Hedsor Hall," Press Conference at Trump Tower in New York City. Once again, Tara looked stunning. This star really knows how to dress like a fashion queen.
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Daniel Radcliffe Caricature

Daniel Radcliffe Signs Caricature

Harry Potter and Broadway's Equis star Daniel Radcliffe was honored with the beloved Sardi's caricature on the famous Stars Wall Of Fame at Sardi's Restaurant in New York City.
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Samantha Mathis And Moises Kaufman

Colin Hanks

Jane Fonda

Hollywood legend Jane Fonda attended the "33 Variations" Meet & Greet cast photo call for the Broadway Production of the Moises Kaufman play in New York City. Tom Hanks talented son Colin was also there and looking good. Samantha Mathis And Moises Kaufman also were all smiles for the cameras.
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Joan Rivers

Comedian Joan Rivers strikes a pose during an appearance promoting her two newest books 'Men are Stupid And They Like Big Boobs' and 'Murder At The Academy Awards...A Red Carpet Murder Mystery' at Barnes And Noble Bookstore in New York City.
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Sexy Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher has apologized to his neighbor for calling him a "jackass" and threatening to hi-jack his bulldozer in a building work meltdown. The actor went online to complain about screenwriter Bruce Goldsmith's early construction work, which has been waking him up at 7 a.m almost everyday. He then took his grievances on air by calling up DJ Ryan Seacrest's radio show to rant about his inconsiderate neighbor. Hours later, the actor had calmed down enough to film a video in which he apologized to Goldsmith and posted it online. He says, "You know, you're very vulnerable at 7 a.m. ... In light of reflection, I just want to say I pledge to be more tolerant of my neighbor's hammering in the morning as he tolerated the construction of my home."
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Hunks Jeffrey Donovon And Keith Collins

Keith Collins With Jeffrey Donovan

Hunky actor and New York City nightlife king Keith Collins was spotted out with Jeffrey Donovan. Jeffrey is the star of the hit Television show show Burn Notice and played a large part in the movie, "Changeling" which stared Angelina Jolie. They were leaving the Thomson hotel and were heading over to Big Apple hotspot Antik.
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Rumer Willis

Kellan Lutz

Rachelle Lefevre

Dakota Fanning

Rachelle Lefevre and Dakota Fanning was at the "Push" Los Angeles California Premiere at the Mann Village Theater. Sexy newcomer Kellan Lutz was also there. We are going to keep up with this hunk. Rumor Willis also showed up and was looking beautiful just like her star mother Demi Moore.
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Pop singer Jessica Simpson put on skin-tight leather trousers and blasted the media criticism of her weight gain during her first performance since the gossips criticized her fatter figure.The star made headlines after she was pictured looking notably bigger on-stage at a concert in Pembroke Pines, Fla., on Sunday.The pictures prompted huge press criticism of her weight gain, and the star's sister Ashlee branded the media attention "embarrassing and belittling" in an angry rant on her blog. But stepping to the stage again, Simpson seemed to take the controversy in her stride, strutting across the stage in black leather trousers as she opened for Rascal Flatts in Charlottesville, Va., on Thursday. She told the crowd: "I feel like in our world today we focus on so many things that are completely pointless. Please remember, no matter what you go through in life, somebody else might have it harder. So just appreciate."And although the singer avoided directly referencing her weight gain, she did thank fans for getting behind her.She announced at the end of her set: "Thank you for your support. Stay positive, and pray out loud! I love you guys, good night."
Click Here To Read Ashlee On Sister Jessica....
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We Just wanted to let you know that now, along with MTV’s “The Hills,” fans can watch complete episodes of the spin-off, “The City!” Above you’ll find a link to the dedicated show page as well as a specific episode. All episodes are available in the Joost embeddable player in their entirety every week.It's also a whole new world for 'The Hills' star Whitney Port, as she packs up and moves from the comforts of her hometown in Los Angeles, California, to the bright lights of Manhattan. With a great new job at global design house, Diane Von Furstenberg, a best friend from her past and a guy she's head-over-heels for, Whitney is taking a huge chance at a brand new life. Surrounded by all new friends, pursuing a fresh love life, and starting to work in the upper echelon of the fashion industry is a lot to navigate for a new girl in the big city... especially one who has everything to lose.


The Cast Of Double Shot At Love

All season long, fans have enjoyed twice the fun and twice the drama during “A Double Shot at Love” with Rikki and Vikki (aka the “Ikki Twins”). Now MTV offers a night of revelry for viewers on February 3, beginning at 9pm ET/PT, with back-to-back specials that will revisit those contestants that were loathed and loved, uncover true feelings, and reveal if the Ikki Twins finally found their soul mates.

“A Double Shot At Love” line-up is as follows:


Premieres at 9pm ET/PT

Fans will get the inside scoop on what all eliminated contestants have been doing since they lost their “Double Shot at Love.” Bringing nearly all of the most love-torn contestants sounds like a good idea, but as we all know, nothing is uglier than a group of scorned admirers. The one-hour special features never-before-seen footage and Josh and Rosie come face-to-face for the first time since Josh's shocking exit, as well as an explosive fight between two cast members.


Premieres at 10pm ET/PT

Who will the Ikki twins choose? After narrowing down 24 suitors to 2, Rikki and Vikki are ready to make their final decision. In a shocking conclusion, the sisters each choose the person with whom they found love...but will the final decision drive them apart?


Premieres at 11pm ET/PT

In this special half-hour edition, Rikki and Vikki Ikki reunite with the final two contestants for the first time to confront each other over what happened in the dramatic finale. Will love be in the air or will bitterness from the unlucky contestants overflow?

“A Double Shot at Love” is produced by 495 Productions. Sally Ann Salsano and Scott Jeffress serve as executive producers. Liz Gateley and Aaron Meyerson are the executives in charge of production for MTV.


Mickey Rourke

Hollywood actress Evan Rachel Wood is lashing out at her "The Wrestler" co-star Mickey Rourke for feeding media reports that the couple are dating. The star, who plays Rourke's daughter in the award winning movie, is admitting she feels "disrespected" by gossip reports that she and the actor are an item, and she's partly blaming him for the rumors.The pair reportedly locked lips at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, fueling romance rumors, and the actress is sick of all the speculation. In a statement, she writes, "I'm upset because I feel disrespected by the press and by Mr. Rourke. Just because I'm single doesn't mean that you can take advantage of me. It's unfair that the performances (in the film) might suffer because of all of these distractions."And Wood, who recently split from shock rocker Marilyn Manson, insists she isn't even attracted to her "The Wrestler" co-star: "He's too old for me. Nothing ever happened and nothing ever will."
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Jamie DeRoy

If you haven't seen Jamie DeRoy's show yet, head on over for a very special Academy Awards edition of Jamie deRoy & Friends. The MAC Award-winning variety show, will be presented Feb. 16 at the Metropolitan Room in Manhattan (34 West 22nd Street). The evening will feature Oscar-winning songs. Among those scheduled to lend their talents to the 7 PM performance are film critic and columnist Rex Reed, Jacques Brel star Gay Marshall (at right), Company and Cabaret actress Leenya Rideout, comedian Steven Scott and Nightlife Award winner Daryl Glenn. Oscar-winning composer-lyricist Stephen Schwartz will be the evening's special guest. Barry Kleinbort will direct the concert with Lanny Meyers as musical director. There is a $25 cover charge and a two-drink minimum; call (212) 206-0440 for reservations. And...don't miss "Jamie deRoy & friends" on MNN, every other Tuesday at 4:00 PM & Time Warner, Channel 67 and RCN, Channel 85.
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Holly Huddleston

Thursday night at TAO Las Vegas saw all the blondes coming out in full force to celebrate TAO’s annual Blondetourage party. Leading the pack was the petite blonde bombshell Holly Huddleston from the show “Sunset Tan.” Holly dazzled photographers with her black, mini ruffled strapless dress and matching black ankle boots. After graciously posing for photos on the TAO red carpet, Holly had dinner with friends by TAO Asian Bistro’s signature 20-ft Buddha. The Olly girl and friends dined on lobster wontons and assorted sushi among other items. Anxious to join the rest of the “blondetourage” upstairs in the nightclub, Holly and friends went upstairs to the nightclub immediately following dinner. They danced the night away to the slick beats of DJ Five while imbibing on Grey Goose vodka cocktails.
Photo Credit: Grace Rakich






Thursday, January 29, 2009


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A PETA ad touting the benefits of vegetarianism was deemed too racy for NBC, the group reports. A tagline at the end of the ad reads, "Studies show vegetarians have better sex. Go veg." The ad, which PETA says was intended to air during the Super Bowl, depicts female models enjoying vegetables. NBC said the ad "depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards".


Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal has been excused from jury duty in Los Angeles California, after spending a day and a half waiting to hear if he’d be called to trial. The Brokeback Mountain actor spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning mingling with other potential jurors and court officials as part of an upcoming misdemeanour battery trial. He was allowed to go through court questioning to determine juror suitability in a private room, according to learned he wouldn’t be required to be part of the trial just after lunch on Wednesday.
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Pop singer Macy Grey is slamming media reports that she’s jealous of President Barack Obama's wife and wants "to have his kids". The star is accusing a New York newspaper of taking her words out of context. Macy is counting herself among a long list of celebrities supporting the country’s new leader, who was inaugurated into office on January 20th, but insists her words were twisted and turned into a "disrespectful" story. Gray was quoted in the New York Posts Page Six column last Thursday as saying: "I’m in love with Barack Obama… I wanna get married. Why am I not Michelle (Obama)? You know, why can’t I be her?" She explains to "I portray a character in the Starz comedy series Head Case, which is a produced show about a wacky psychiatrist who is wackier than her patients. My character admits that she thinks Obama is hot. It is innocent and funny. "The quotes printed by Page Six were taken completely out of context and needs to be recognized that it is dialogue from a scripted television program. It’s ridiculous. It’d be just like saying Ali Wentworth (who plays the psychiatrist in Head Case) is licensed to treat and diagnose real therapy patients.
"I respect and love our new president and his family just as you do and would never disrespect them in any way." Gray’s show is scheduled to air in Marc.


Gene Simmons And Carrot Top

Our friend Gene Simmons and Carrot Top film 'The Family Jewels' at the Wasted Space in The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada early this morning. This is one show we get a kick out of. Everything Gene Simmons touches, turns to gold.
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Brad Pitt

Harry Connick Jr. is very anxious to meet up with Hollywood star Brad Pitt again, so he can personally thank the actor for the help he’s giving the residents of New Orleans, Louisiana. The couple was among the first celebrities who stepped up to offer aid and support in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which ravaged the city in 2005. And Connick Jr., who was born and raised in New Orleans, has praised Pitt for organizing his Make It Right campaign, which has continued to build homes for the displaced and devastated families in the area. He tells OK! magazine, "I met him years ago, very briefly. I actually wrote him a letter to thank him for what he’s doing. "I don’t know if he even got it. But if I ever see him again, I’ll thank him again, because the benefit to the city is unimaginable."
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Flavor Flav

Our favorite Flavor Flav promotes his new series 'Deon Taylor's NITE TALES' at the 2009 NATPE Conference at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday. This star is always fun and you never know what to expect. Plus he's always late, even know he wears a big clock.
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Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow discusses her upcoming show 'Who Do You Think You Are' at the 2009 NATPE Conference at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday. This actress never ages. She looks great !
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Smokey Robinson

Soul legend Smokey Robinson will receive a very special honor at the upcoming American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) Awards in Los Angeles California. The icon will be presented with the AMEE Award in Sound Recordings during the 2009 AFTRA Media and Entertainment Excellence Awards ceremony for his contribution to music. Other honorees include former The Young and the Restless actress Jeanne Cooper and broadcaster Vin Scully. Late voiceover legend Don LaFontaine, who died in September, will receive a posthumous tribute.The AMEE prizes recognize members of AFTRA who have made a significant contribution to the American culture. The gala will take place in L.A. on March 9th.
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Miley Cyrus

A screenwriter is suing the Disney bosses behind the hit television show Hannah Montana that stars singer Miley Cyrus. .The writer is insisting the teen series is based on a script he wrote in 1990. Richard Fronduto filed a lawsuit at Los Angeles California County Superior Court yesterday, stating that he penned the idea for a show called The Secret Life of Sindi, which eventually became The Family Business. Fronduto claims he pitched this script to Disney executives, who liked the idea so much they asked him to turn it into a two-hour pilot episode. The papers reveal that Fronduto found numerous similarities between his discarded pilot episode and the Hannah Montana show - with both featuring a teenage girl who leads a double life as an ordinary teen and successful pop star. Both programs also allegedly contained a ’single-dad’ character who acts as the teen’s manager. Fronduto is asking for a "Created by" credit on all future publications and broadcasts of Hannah Montana, as well as damages. Bosses at the Walt Disney Company were previously sued by another screenwriter, Buddy Sheffield, in 2007, who also claimed to have created the concept for the hit show.
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Sexy Hollywood star Kate Beckinsale refuses to learn how to drive because she loves sitting in the back seat of cars. The actress doesn’t own a driver’s license and refuses to get behind the wheel - because it would take the fun out of car rides. She is admitting her actress mother would always strap her into the back seat of the family car and drive her for miles whenever Kate was upset as a teen - and she still finds it comforting to let someone else do the steering. The actress tells Hollywood Life magazine, "I love to be driven… When I was a teenager and and I was miserable or things were difficult, my mom and I would pile into the car and she would drive me. I’ve always been really chilled by that." "(Now) I take cabs or friends drive."
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Monkee singing star Micky Dolenz along with Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson and Doors drummer John Densmore, paid a tribute to Whisky-A-Go-Go club founder Elmer Valentine in Los Angeles California on Monday, as the late nightlife king was honored with his own street. The celebrity group, which also included Lou Adler and The Mamas & The Papas star Michelle Phillips, gathered outside the famous Sunset Strip venue for the unveiling of the new street sign, which bears Valentine’s name. Blues legend John Mayall and Johnny Rivers performed as part of a tribute show at the venue the club boss turned into a music mecca. At the tribute, Nicholson joked, "He was a guy who looked like all seven dwarfs," while rocker Densmore explained he had never met a club boss or promoter who "cared more about musicians". Valentine died in his sleep on December 3rd.
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Paul McCartney And Heather Mills

Beatle icon Paul McCartney is speaking out about his famous breakup from bitch Heather Mills. The singing star is insisting their divorce battle left him in a "dark place." McCartney and Mills parted ways in May 2006 after four years of marriage, and their subsequent divorce turned nasty with Mills falsely accusing the star of being an abusive husband and a drunk. The judge overseeing the case awarded Mills a $36.3 million settlement but later slammed her evidence as "unreliable" and accused the 40-year-old of indulging in "make-believe." McCartney insists he has maintained a "dignified" silence about the end of his marriage, but has now spoken about his decision to keep his emotions private. He says, "I've been through a dark place. I am a man who needs love. Every man needs love, guys like romance. I do anyway. "Things don't always work out but I like the idea of being dignified. I don't think it helps to mouth off all the time." The former happy couple share a 4-year-old daughter, Beatrice. McCartney is now dating American socialite Nancy Shevell.
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Donny Osmond

Former teen idol Donny Osmond is going to follow in his little sister Marie's dancing steps, as a contestant in the upcoming "Dancing with the Stars" new season. The singer let the news slip during an guest appearance on a recent taping of "The Bonnie Hunt Show." Osmond told Hunt, "I am seriously considering doing it, let's put it that way," adding, "I guess I just let the cat out of the bag." Singing Sister Marie joined her brother on the chat show, was a hit during the fifth season of the television show, and big brother Donny is determined to do better than his sister and win the dancing crown. He added, "I can't let my sister upstage me. Besides, who do you think taught her how to dance?"
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John Mayer

Bitch Jennifer Aniston's on and off boyfriend John Mayer has poked fun at her ex-husband Brad Pitt in a new online video. Aniston divorced Hollywood star Pitt in 2005 and began dating singer Mayer last year. And now Mayer has taken a swipe at her ex, ridiculing his critically acclaimed new movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," in a spoof motivational speech posted on The singer tells the camera, "You're a man of strength, charisma, girth, honor, girth ... and influence. "You know like that guy in the movie the 'Curious Case of Benjamin Brat.' Benjamin Brat. The older you get, the younger you get and right before you die a little tiny-man baby you're gonna discover the ability to time travel into volcanoes. "I never saw the film, I'm just guestimating that that's how it ends."
Editors Note: The Film Has Been Removed On You Tube...
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Lindsay Lohan

Licking Lindsay Lohan's father Michael is convinced his daughter's relationship with Samantha Ronson is "destroying her life," and is begging friends and fans to help "save" her.Michael Lohan has voiced his disapproval of the union many times since the star started dating the DJ last year. His comments have ignited an online war of words, with both trading blows via their blogs. Michael even accused Ronson of impersonating his daughter online, a claim she vehemently is denying. Michael later declared a truce with Lindsay, but he has now gone back on his word by blasting Ronson in his latest online posting, claiming the Lesbian DJ is using his daughter for financial gain. He writes, "After seeing promise and thanking God for Lindsay's freedom from SaMANtha's bondage, I see now, that since SaMANtha has once again, weaseled her way back into Lindsay's life, things have taken a dark turn." Michael Lohan then posts a series of paparazzi photographs of the actress shopping with her younger sister Ali, and slams Ronson for driving then apart. He continues, "While I was enthused that Ali was with Lindsay, rather than SaMANtha, I am torn to see that SaMANtha has once again manipulated Lindsay into leaving her little sister in L.A., only to join SaMANtha on another DJ gig in Boston. "Was this again, a means for SaMANtha to earn more money through Lindsay's presence? Did SaMANtha's fee drop so much and so quickly when word got out that they parted ways? Are we so blind? Is Lindsay so blind?" And he goes on to plead with those around his daughter to help her, because he is certain that being around Ronson is destroying the 22-year-old: "I am asking everyone out their (sic) to intervene in every way possible to help Lindsay, and quite possibly, save her life. Help this wonderful, good hearted and gifted young lady to see what SaMANtha is doing to her and how she is destroying her life. "Help her to see that ever since SaMANtha came into her life, nothing good has come of it. As a matter of fact, Lindsay hasn't used her gifts like she did before meeting SaMANtha. Just LOOK! The proof is there! These aren't just words, but FACTS! PLEASE HELP!"

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100 gorgeous exotic dancers will be performing Sunday at Rick's Cabaret, 50 West 33rd Street. It will surely be be an amazing Super Bowl party. These are the most beautiful ladies in the world, and there is no better entertainment around. The Rick's Girls promise to be wearing cheerleader outfits and skimpy football jerseys--but not for long! "I can't wait to surprise everyone with my cute g-string," said 21 year-old Alondra. who boasts a 34D, 25, 33 figure and loves the Steelers. "I have a cousin who lives in Pittsburgh and I love the color of their uniform," she giggled. "The Steelers stole my heart, too," agreed 23 year-old Becky, who will be just bursting with pride in her sexy cheerleader ensemble."I have a certain "Cardinal knowledge," joked Missy, 36C-26-34, who intimated that she's a favorite of one of the team members. She continued, "but I'll never tell all and break my "Cardinal" rule! Rick's will show the Super Bowl on its HD flat screen TVs on all three floors, and offers a complimentary buffet and drink specials all night.The club's VIP deluxe private rooms are mostly sold out, but a couple of the famous "high roller" suites can still be reserved. Last year's Super Bowl party at Rick's was the hottest party in New York City. It was completely sold out. These ladies take their half time activities very seriously! They parade on stage en masse, like something out of your wildest dreams, and you just completely forget that you're there to watch a football game. Whatever the results are in Tampa, everyone's a winner at midtown's Rick's Cabaret New York.


Russell James And Alessandra Ambrosio

Russell James With Donna Karan And Alan Cumming

Ally Hilfiger

Ally Hilfiger was at the Launch for Photographer Russell James & teNeues "Russell James" at the Stephan Weiss Studio in New York City last night. We are very surprised at Ally's outfit considering her fashion background. On a cold winter night in the Big Apple, Ally is wearing what looks like waste high leather boots-pants combo. She has on a purple outfit with a scarf that does not match and if worn at all should be worn at a summer party. In fact we did not understand almost anyones outfit at this event. Russell James wore sandals on this cold winter night with rain and snow. Alessandra Ambrosio wore a short white dress that looked more like a towel. We would expect this outfit to be worn at The Mercedes Benz Hampton's Polo Challenge next summer. Beautiful famed fashion designer Donna Karan was also there and she should have taken them into the back room to give them a quick fashion lesson.
Photos By: RD / Dziekan / Retna Digital.


Very pregnant Hollywood star Anne Heche is reportedly urging her married actor boyfriend James Tupper to divorce his wife, so they can welcome their first child together as legitimate partners. The couple met when they were cast as on-screen lovers on the set of the axed drama "Men in Trees." They went public with their happy romance in 2007, after Heche filed for divorce from her then-husband, Coley Laffoon, the father of her 6-year-old son Homer. And now the actress is allegedly eager for Tupper to finalize his divorce from Katherine Mayfield, almost two years after he filed a petition. A source tells Star magazine, "Anne has told him that it's gone on long enough. She wants it finished. "She doesn't want to give birth to their son while his father is married to another woman. She knows how hard it is to get through a divorce, because she's done it herself. But she can't understand why it's taking James so long to get his act together."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Drew Barrymore

Hollywood star Drew Barrymore is laughing off gossip reports that she's rekindling her romance with sexy Justin Long, and she is insisting they're "just friends." Drew broke up from Justin last July after almost a year together. The former couple, who both star in the new movie "He's Just Not That Into You," have remained very close since. But Barrymore is very amused by the claims, and is adamant her friendship with Long is completely platonic. She says, "Justin and I are absolutely just friends."
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna


Rock singer and peace activist, SIR IVAN, is breathing new life into the musical and social legacy of the 1960s with his new album, I AM PEACEMAN, a collection of classic 60s folk/rock hits rejuvenated and reinvented with 21st century cutting-edge style. “A lot of kids today don’t know about 60s music,” says Sir Ivan about the transformational era that shaped the Baby Boomer generation. “But now, with increased violence and war all over the world, global problems have inspired a new generation to make a difference. I think this is a good time for everyone to re-explore the music that forged a revolution.”The album’s concept actually began eight years ago with Sir Ivan’s dream to record a 60s album that would generate royalties for world peace. After building his reputation in the dance music community with a string of Billboard hits starting with his remake of “Imagine” in 2001, Sir Ivan is now ready to enter the mainstream pop/rock music arena. What sets I AM PEACEMAN apart from other modern interpretations of 60s music is its fresh, exciting blend of rich melodies and harmonies with live guitar riffs and an undercurrent of electronic beats – a sound known as “rocktronica.” On the new 15 song album, Sir Ivan once again re-interprets Imagine, along with 14 other 60s classics, including For What It’s Worth, Blowin’ in the Wind, Eve of Destruction, Turn Turn Turn and Get Together. The album is produced by FORD, who has 18 gold and platinum singles to his credit for his work with Michael Jackson, Ludacris, Britney Spears, Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, Jewel, Mick Jagger, and many others. It was mastered by the legendary Vlado Meller who has perfected albums for numerous artists including Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Josh Groban, Leona Lewis, The White Stripes, Neil Diamond, and Barbara Streisand. The album’s completion is timed for release early next year to celebrate and commemorate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. “Woodstock was much more than a three-day concert,” says Sir Ivan, “it was a rallying point for a generation that rejected hate, violence and war and wanted to replace it with love and peace. Indeed, Sir Ivan’s goal is much the same. As passionate about helping humanity as he is about his music, Sir Ivan believes that music truly can make a difference in people’s lives and affect the way they treat each other. For that reason, he created The Peaceman Foundation, a private foundation which supports an array of charities dedicated to fighting Hate Crimes and treating the victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Sir Ivan is donating 100 percent of his recording artist net profits from his album to his Peaceman Foundation. To further promote peace through his music and foundation, Sir Ivan always performs in peace capes, which has earned him the title “PEACEMAN,” the rock star superhero fighting for peace. Sir Ivan is planning a global “I AM PEACEMAN” tour with his band. The album is under consideration by major labels.
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Pop star Ashlee Simpson is coming to the defense of her older sister Jessica. Ashlee is branding media reports criticizing her weight "embarrassing and belittling." Jessica Simpson has been pictured with a bigger figure of lately. But little sister Ashlee has taken offense to the reports, because she is sick of celebrities' weight dominating the news. She writes on her blog, "I am completely disgusted by the headlines concerning my sister's weight. A week after the inauguration and with such a feeling of hope in the air for our country, I find it completely embarrassing and belittling to all women to read about a woman's weight or figure as a headline on Fox News. "All women come in different shapes, sizes, and forms and just because you're a celebrity, there shouldn't be a different standard. Is this something you would say to your wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, or even a friend? I seriously doubt it. "How can we expect teenage girls to love and respect themselves in an environment where we criticize a size-2 figure? Now can we focus on the things that really matter." Jessica Simpson's former personal trainer is insisting the star is perfectly healthy and has the right attitude toward her figure. Harley Pasternak tells "Extra," "She has curves where a woman needs to have curves. We all go a little bit up and a little bit down. But she's healthy. She's still sexy. She's still a beautiful woman. And I have no problem with the way she looks. "I think if more people looked the way she looks now, the country would be a lot healthier. I think Jessica has a really healthy perspective on her healthy body image and looks like a woman. I would take her body any day over somebody who's emaciated and looks unhealthy."
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Bill O'Reilly

Hollywood star Jessica Alba is blasting right-wing Fox TV news host Bill O'Reilly after he suggested Jessica didn't know her history on his high rated News program. The actress took to her blog to defend herself after O'Reilly called her "misguided" for poking fun at a journalist during an inauguration event last week. Jessica asked the reporter what he liked most about President Obama, and when he refused to answer, she joked, "That's it, be neutral. Be Sweden about it." O'Reilly and TMZ both subsequently ridiculed Alba, insisting she meant Switzerland, not Sweden, but the actress has had the last laugh in cyberspace. On her blog, she writes, "I find it depressing that, in the midst of perhaps the most salient time in our country's history, individuals are taking it upon themselves to encourage negativity and stupidity. "Last week, Mr. Bill O'Reilly and some really classy sites insinuated I was dumb by claiming Sweden was a neutral country. I appreciate the fact that he (O'Reilly) is a news anchor and that gossip sites are inundated with intelligent reporting, but seriously people ... it's so sad to me that you think the only neutral country during WWII was Switzerland. "I appreciate the name calling and the accurate reporting. Keep it up!" has since apologized for criticizing the actress, stating, "She is absolutely correct. Sweden was a neutral country ... 60 years ago. We apologize for not considering the political climate of the world in 1942 when we suggested she may have meant, 'Be Switzerland' -- a country that is currently neutral."


Angela And Vanessa Simmons

DJ Whoo Kid

Kevin Liles With Russell Simmons And LL Cool J

Kevin Liles along with Russell Simmons and LL Cool J were photographed as Russell Simmons is announced as Editor in Chief of Global Grind at the Bryant Park Hotel in New York City today. DJ Whoo Kid and Angela and Vanessa Simmons were also on hand for the announcement.
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Evidence, A Dance Company

Billionaire real estate and hotel mogul Don Peebles' only passion isn't just the next hot property.He and wife Katrina are major supporters of the arts and one arts group they are truly passionate about is the Brooklyn based Evidence, A Dance Company founded by Ronald K. Brown. Don and Katrina are hosting the 5th annual Grace in Winter Gala to benefit Evidence at the newly restored Grand Ballroom of The Plaza Hotel, surely a property Don would love to have in his portfolio but for now he is simply hosting one of the social season's most glam events that attracts New York's movers and shakers from entertainment to high finance to media. This year the gala honors legendary editor and author Susan Taylor, the woman called the most influential African-American journalist in America when she helmed for 20 years Essence Magazine and her husband best selling author and TV producer Khephra Burns. Also being saluted is Noel Hankin of Moet Hennessy for corporate leadership, 'sort of a no brainer to honor the guy with the great champagne! ' Every year this elegant bash pulls in the most fashionable and cutting edge crowd with more than a few kilowatts in celebrity star power on the red carpet - last year it was Chita Rivera, Cicely Tyson, Susan Fales Hill and more divas than you can shake a sequin at. Expect the same at The Plaza on February 3rd.
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